Why compression clothing for golfers ?

Why compression clothing for golfers ?

Compression clothes have recently become “Must-Haves” in every golfers wardrobe. Whether it be compression arm sleeves or mock compression t shirts, Indian golfers are totally game for them.

But what are the exact benefits of compression clothing for golfers ? In this article, we will throw some light on their beneficial features.

The word “compression” as the name suggests means controlled tightness and pressure and yes, the compression garments are surely meant to do that. Compression clothing tries to keep the muscles in a secure and natural position when your muscles are being pulled to the highest limit, while you try to hit those long drives at the golf course.

The compression clothing reduces the chances of any injury by holding your body exactly the way it should be and minimizing the impact. As the tight clothing holds the body in proper position, it also favours better blood circulation thus preventing build up of lactic acid and muscle fatigue.

As the average age of Indian golfers is in between 35-40 years, it is highly advisable to wear compression clothing during every sortie at a golf course. An amazing fact as published in the 2013 edition of International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance states that the benefits of compression clothing are more pronounced when they are applied for muscle recovery 12-48 hours after the physical activity.

Compression clothing specifically for golf is easily available in major brands today in India. The Mizuno Biogear and Viper Golf Compression collections have been specifically developed for this purpose only.