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Frequently Asked Questions

Which products are available with a No Cost EMI offer?

Cart having minimum value Rs.10,000 can be purchased with No Cost EMI.

Why does my issuing bank call centre have no information on EMI conversion?

The issuing bank will receive an EMI request after at least 3 working days of the transaction. Then issuing banks can provide the status of transactions.

Why has the transaction amount not been converted into EMI in 7 working days?

Please contact your card issuing banks in case 7 days have passed and the transaction has not been converted into EMI. Conversion of transactions into EMI is at the sole discretion of the card issuing bank and can also be rejected in unfortunate circumstances.

Why is the full amount charged to my bill?

Please check transaction date and customer bill generation date, if the period is less than 7 working days then the customer needs to speak to issuing bank to determine how much to pay. The bank might convert the EMI at a later date and change the bill payment.

Why is the sum total of EMIs more than the transaction amount?

The issuing bank charges interest per EMI transaction. The interest rates are decided by the bank and are displayed at the time of completing the transaction.

What happens if the bank rejects EMI conversion?

Customer needs to pay the full amount of the transaction to the bank since the EMI facility is at the sole discretion of the issuing bank.

Will my order be shipped once my EMI is approved?

Once the payment is made, Golfoy shall ship the product as per schedule and would not wait for the EMI approval.

Will my transaction amount be refunded if the EMI is rejected?

No refund will be issued in case the issuing bank rejects the EMI application since this EMI grant is at the bank’s sole discretion.

If I qualify to get a refund as per Golfoy policy, will I receive interest on it as well?

In case of a refund, no interest payment will be borne by Golfoy. Golfoy shall return the transaction amount that was paid after the user returns the product with intact tags in brand-new condition.

Whom should I reach out to if my EMI is rejected?

If EMI is rejected, the user should take it up with issuing bank and not with Golfoy. The customer will have to inquire about the status of their EMI request with their issuing bank.

Can I cancel an EMI transaction?

EMI transactions once submitted cannot be cancelled/reversed.

Why have I been charged the full amount of the transaction?

At first full amount is charged and later converted into EMI normally within 7 working days. Please contact your card issuing bank in case 7 working days have passed and the transaction has not been converted to EMIs.