Mizuno Golf - History of the Runbird

Mizuno Golf - History of the Runbird

In India’s golf industry, the unmistakable Chev logo of Callaway, FJ of FootJoy  have been omnipresent for quite a long time. However, there’s another logo which has gained considerable reputation and recognition in India’s golf space within a very short span of time and that is the Runbird – the symbol of Mizuno – The bird that never settles for anything less than what it deserves. The runbird symbolizes the traditional Japanese approach to sports with infinite energy and limitless space.

For all the time before 1980, Mizuno had used the ‘M’ logo. However, due to trademark issues and its similarity to Adidas’ logo, Mizuno wanted a new logo which would be distinct and would also portray the company’s values in a more refined manner.

This job of symbolizing the traditional Japanese approach was given to Noboru Kono in 1980. Kono san was a veteran at Mizuno and was one of the best person who understood Mizuno’s work ethic, its dedication to quality etc. Mizuno started an Internal Plan called the “New Line Project” for this purpose and designed nearly 180 logos which were all rejected , because they simply did not justify Mizuno’s open and expansive views.

After a gap of nearly one year, the design team came up with two words that would further decide the logo of the company Run which equated to health and sports and Bird which in Japan has symbolic roots in the expansion of free spirits. Now, with the words in their mind, the design team again went to the drawing board and finally came up with the Avian design we see today.

The first run bird appeared in the USA in 1982 when it was printed on the National Volleyball Team’s shoes and further all sports under the Mizuno umbrella started using the common logo, Golf being the last to take it up in 2007.

Today, the Runbird signifies the expansive 18 hole golf course and Mizuno’s pursuit of winning its each hole through its equipment. The runbird perches on the golfer’s head and keeps pushing him to have a limitless approach while he drives the ball and hits it for an inspirational distance. The Runbird has truly become what it was always meant to be . . .