Groove Sharpeners & 4 Creative ways to use it.

Groove Sharpeners & 4 Creative ways to use it.

The more often you play, more likely your golf club is likely to face wear and tear. The grooves on the club are designed to aid ball control and spin. Frequent use can cause damage to the grooves and impact your game. However, it isn’t easy to buy new golf clubs every few months.  The solution to this problem is Groove Sharpener.

4 Good reasons why you should use Groove Sharpeners:

1. New life for your old golf club:



With the correct and timely use of a groove sharpener you can improve your club’s working and give new life to an existing club.

2. Improves your game:



Golf pitch mark

A perfectly clean & groomed club can get you optimal backspin and great ball control. Make use of that Repair Tool.

3. Perfect Tool for all Irons:

Image Courtesy: Photobucket Image Courtesy: Photobucket

It has two different Cutting types -3 For U Type Club Grooves and 3 for V Type Grooves.

4. Saves Money:

Photo Courtesy: Golf Digest Photo Courtesy: Golf Digest

Purchasing one good groove sharpener can save you a lot of money. It can help your golf club last much longer without compromising on your performance.