Difference between Srixon ZX5 & ZX7 drivers

Difference between Srixon ZX5 & ZX7 drivers

The two brand new ZX drivers from Srixon are all set to make a big mark in the golfing world.

When comparing these drivers, something that really stood out is how versatile the new models are. Both the clubs are designed with highly advanced technologies to meet the demands of the players who seek outstanding feel and unmatched forgiveness in their drivers.

Performance-wise the Zx5 is more solid as the larger head and face profile helps the ball explodes off the tee, and it provides an extreme level of control on course, making it seem like drives were on autopilot.

The Zx7 was not that solid like the Zx5, but it has its own qualities. The Zx7 penetrating flight and adjustability features give you the control to choose your launch conditions. With an adjustable hosel and two swappable rear weights, you can effortlessly produce the shot shape that fits your style, your course, or your mood.

Also, both the drivers feature measures to drive the CG low and deep.

→ The ZX5 is the more forgiving of the new Srixon ZX drivers.

→ The ZX5 is more triangular looking than the ZX7.

→ The ZX5 has a larger, flatter shape and single sole weight positioned low and deep in the head to raise MOI and forgiveness.

→ The ZX7 has a rounder, more pear-shaped head, flatter crown, and higher skirt that gives a lower penetrating ball flight.

The ZX5 model is aimed at golfers who want more forgiveness and ball speed.

ZX7 model delivers total control due to a penetrating ball flight and adjustability features to give any player their desired launch conditions.

The Final Words  

Both the ZX5 and ZX7 feature a crisp, solid feel at impact with a tad louder feedback sound than you would expect. The Rebound Frame Technology feels extremely solid throughout the clubhead regardless of contact location, and the lightweight carbon build helps you cut through the air effortlessly.

Overall, a win-win situation, as both the drivers come with a combination of low spin and excellent forgiveness and could go in the bag of a vast range of golfers, whether their handicap is high or low.

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