Sim2 vs Sim2 Max: What's the Difference?

Sim2 vs Sim2 Max: What's the Difference?

Since release, the stellar-looking brand new drivers from TaylorMade has caught everyone's attention, as the two new models promise to provide something for everyone.

Both the drivers are packed with the latest advancements to give you the much-needed confidence on course, and you will undoubtedly be surprised after playing with these drivers, as these clubs exactly stand up to the expectations.

So, let's not waste time and quickly understand more about the Sim 2 and Sim 2 Max drivers.



This brand new product from TaylorMade comes with all the capabilities to become your instant favorite club.

The TaylorMade SIM2 is the low-spin driver built for playable distance. Hitting fades and draws off the tee are comfortable with the standard SIM2, with the combination of a 16g Inertia Generator and fixed sole weight up front producing low-spin flights with increased forgiveness.

Sim2 Max


Sim2 Max again best in forgiveness, just like its predecessor.

TaylorMade says the SIM2 Max is the shape of forgiveness in a Mid - High Launch, Mid - Low Spin design.

The reconstructed SIM2 Max delivers high MOI with a massive 24g tungsten weight positioned on the Inertia Generator. The TPS Front Weight is strategically located on the sole of the club to encourage optimal launch and spin properties, delivering complete performance and max forgiveness.




→ Sim2 Max produces 200 – 300 RPM more spin than the SIM2 driver

→ Max is more forgiving than the standard SIM2 driver

→ Sim2 Max has 8% larger face than the Sim2.

→ Sim2 is for the golfers who have a higher swing and want low spin and low launch, while Sim2 Max is an all-in-one package.



  Sim 2 Sim 2 MAX
Head Size 460cc 460cc
Lie 56°/60° 56°/60°
Length 45.75" 45.75"
Loft 8°/9°/10.5° 9.0°/10.5°/12.0°
Launch Low Mid


The Final Words


Well, all we can say about these impressive drivers that the Sim2 & Sim2 Max will again repeat their predecessor's success, all thanks to the dedicated team who built these drivers so preciously that one cannot find any falls in them.

Choose the standard Sim2 if you want low spin and low launch, or if you want a little more of everything (launch, spin, forgiveness), then go for Sim2 Max. Good Luck!


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