PING G410 Plus: Top-Rated Driver of 2019

PING G410 Plus: Top-Rated Driver of 2019

 The Driver for Players of all skill 

With the huge success of Ping’s former G400 driver, all were keenly waiting to see how the G410 drivers were going to surpass their predecessor in every perspective. 

The G410 driver has a slightly higher MOI than the G400. In essence, it’s been developed more forgiving and added customization.

For the record, I'll tell you, as known for one of the most forgiving drivers - the G410 driver dominating the golf driver market since it arrived.

The new G410 driver helps you hit straighter shots on mis-hits. It has a 455cc head size, which Ping says has a 15% higher MOI than competitor drivers with moveable CG locations.

Another aspect of the head that attributes to the great coverage across the fairway is the density of the head. 

The driver comes with a movable-weight technology, which enables you to customize your driver for the desired ball flight so you can swing fearlessly and hit a lot more fairways.

Key Points -

The shaft is lighter and faster.

The ball has a quicker spin due to the wide hosel.

Trajectory angles are much sharper and cleaner.

The centre of gravity allows more sturdiness to the swings.

Performance -

The performance of the G410 Plus really impressed me. The level of forgiveness you get from a PING driver, you become very consistent with your numbers, if you are not, as this driver is quite easy to hit.

Do you know what the best part is? the well-struck balls No, it was the “mishits” that makes me a fan of this club. Even with balls, I hit badly, my dispersion was not bad and still had plenty of carries.

Also, after comparing it too many of the drivers in the market, this is the one that gives the farthest distance with the least resistance.

Do you know the highlight of the G410 Plus Driver? 

The driver comes with a Trajectory Tuning 2.0, which grows your loft and lie options using a new patented eight-setting, lightweight hosel.

It’s not quite as long as some others, but the alliance of forgiveness and length makes this, one of the top-rated drivers in the market.

Features -

Fast Forged Face

Streamlined Shape

Internal Dragonfly Technology

8 Lobe Trajectory Tuning

Verdict -

Overall, the PING G410 plus is a big-time game improvement driver for golfers of about any skill level. 

It’s my personal pick as well, and I’d encourage you too, to get this stylish PING G410 driver; it’s fantastic, and definitely one of the best performing drivers in 2019.

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