Paradym Triple Diamond Driver: A Comprehensive Look into the Technology, Performance, and Aesthetics

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Drivers



With world number 1, Jon Rahm, playing with the Paradym Triple Diamond driver this season and already bagging three wins, it makes PARADYM top the winners circle list and also one driver that is surely worth the hype. By incorporating the best features from earlier designs and enhancing them with cutting-edge technology, Paradym strives to become a worthy successor to its predecessors. Let’s take a more comprehensive look at it.



All of the company’s claims of forgiveness and distance are powered by three key technologies.

360° Carbon Chassis consists of a triaxial carbon crown and forged carbon sole instead of titanium, which gives them extra weight to position for ball speed and stability by increasing the MOI. This new technology paves the way for the “paradigm shift” that Callaway has built into the naming of the driver while continuing the trend towards carbon materials in drivers such as Taylormade Stealth.

The new A.I.-designed Jailbreak system takes it a notch higher than its previous models like the Rogue ST MAX and Epic Speed by optimising launch, spin, and ball speeds. This new version featured in the Paradym further tightens dispersion, allowing you to hit more fairways.

Face Cup Technology with Forged Titanium Face makes its way to the driver for the first time, with the goal of further boosting ball speeds across the entire face. The face cup, along with a forged titanium face, increases COR and energy transfer to the ball, which is higher than any standard driver face insert.


Callaway has gone all out to produce a smart-looking driver that looks both modern and premium. It features a gloss crown with a dark blue carbon effect and a matte grey top line with the Callaway Chevron logo, which is new as compared to last year’s matte black Rogue. The carbon effect and gold flashes on the sole, combined with the moveable weight, add to the visual appeal of this driver.



Being slightly louder and livelier than the previous generation Rogue ST, this one strikes a good balance between feeling powerful without sounding too dull and low-pitched through impact. The impact on the face feels responsive, and the consistency of sound and feel in mishit regions is quite good. Opt for this driver if you’d like to have some fun bombing your drives!


Callaway lists the launch of the Paradym driver as mid-high with plenty of penetration. The sliding weight on the sole can be used to alter the ball's flight. While the standard head produces a mid-spin rate, the Triple Diamond head has a lower launch and spin thanks to the interchangeable 2g and 14g weights.


Callaway continues to utilise their Optifit hosel adjustment system, allowing you to select a neutral or draw-biassed face angle in combination with loft adjustments from -1 to +2 degrees. It features a sliding 15g weight at the back of the sole, which can be slid towards the heel or toe for a draw bias and fade bias, respectively, or kept in a neutral position.


With the Paradym, Callaway has managed to match tremendous distance with tremendous forgiveness. The weight savings that allow for more weight distribution to areas of the club lead to an increased MOI, which helps with improved accuracy and forgiveness on off-centre hits. The redesigned jailbreak system is all about providing torsional stiffness for the purpose of greater speed and stability, resulting in tighter dispersions.
It also excels when it comes to distance, thanks to the AI-designed Flash Face SS22, which produces a high smash factor by ensuring that the clubface is optimised for maximum ball speed across a wider area and better ball speed retention on mis-hits, making it a game-changer for golfers of all skill levels.


The Paradym range offers 3 different heads:

The standard head option offers maximum adjustability. With a sliding back weight of 15 grams, golfers can adjust their setup to achieve a neutral, draw-biassed, or fade-biassed configuration. Starting head lofts of 9º, 10.5º, and 12º with further hosel adjustability make it ideal for low- to mid-hand handicappers.

Paradym X is the more extreme draw-biassed option targeting mid- to high handicappers with a promise of consistent launch and ball flight. Designed at a 3-degree more upright lie angle to create a closed face, it will serve as a great option for all chronic slicers.

The Triple Diamond (TD) is fractionally more compact at 450 cc, making it ideal for low handicappers with faster swings looking for lower spin rates to optimise their ball flight and more workability and shot shaping.



Demonstrating impressive performance in their respective roles, the three head types, coupled with a diverse selection of shaft options, provide ample opportunities to discover a suitable match for your playing style.