Cobra Aerojet Driver: The Perfect Blend of Power, Control, and Style

Cobra Aerojet Driver


This year, Cobra has replaced the LTDx with a new model called Aerojet, with its main emphasis on speed. Featuring a unique combination of patented PWR technologies as well as a new aerodynamic design, the AEROJET is clearly one of their most versatile models. Let’s find out if it sets a new bar in performance compared to its predecessors and if it is worth putting in the bag.



There are three main pieces of technology in the new Aerojet drivers:


The latest design, characterised by an elevated skirt and sleek contours, minimises air resistance to enhance the speed of the clubhead.


This new suspended bridge weight design allows for more flexibility in the face and sole. In addition to this, the low and forward positioning of the CG results in faster ball speed.


A forged PWRSHELL face insert leads to faster ball speed and a higher launch. Using artificial intelligence in H.O.T. Face design creates a variable thickness pattern, delivering consistent speed and spin across the face.


Unlike previous Cobra drivers, AEROJET is offered in only one colour scheme: a dominant black with red, blue, and white accents. It has a satin black body with a patterned carbon fire gloss crown and a white rim around the crown. The face is wide and shallow, with a stretched body, which helps to make the head look large and inviting. The sole looks smoother and more streamlined, with fewer indents than the LTDx model and a 12g removable weight.



The PWRSHELL face insert, along with the H.O.T. face, plays a major role in the improved feel. On well-struck shots, the Cobra Aerojet driver emits a hollow, louder-than-average sound that’s mid-high in pitch. Off-centre shots immediately produce a high-pitched tone. While some of these sounds are off-putting, they all serve as clear feedback to determine the impact location.

Strikes in the sweet spot feel extremely solid and stable. However, the mishit feel isn’t quite as good. There’s excellent power off of the face, which is well balanced and smooth. Overall, this driver offers great levels of reassurance.


Cobra utilises the same trio of technologies, which collectively work to give these clubs solid consistency in ball speed, launch angle, and spin all across the face.

It delivers on the promise of low spin like the classic King LTD driver, but with more forgiveness. You can expect extremely predictable results with medium to strong launch angles and low spin on nearly every shot.

However, because spin is a touch on the low side, golfers with slower swing speeds will have some trouble achieving a high enough trajectory for optimal distance.


Just like the LTDx, the AEROJET driver offers high forgiveness. Ball speed retention on mishits is great, but dispersions can vary depending on impact location because of the forward CG. If you’re looking for the most forgiveness, the AEROJET MAX will be the ideal choice.


When it comes to distance, the AEROJET driver demonstrates a close comparison to the LTDx model concerning ball speed, clubhead speed, and launch characteristics. However, it achieves slightly greater length due to its reduced spin rate. This decrease in spin contributes to a shallower descent angle upon landing, facilitating increased rollout of the ball.



A finely adjustable loft sleeve enables precise adjustments to both the trajectory and spin of the shot. The loft can be modified within a range of plus or minus 1.5 degrees. Additionally, each driver is equipped with a minimum of one weight port. Cobra provides a selection of weights, ranging from 3 to 16 grams, allowing for customisation of the swing weight and manipulation of the CG (centre of gravity).

Furthermore, the rear weight located on the sole can be interchanged with separate AEROJET weights, which are available for purchase. These design elements provide golfers with the capability to finely tune their launch conditions, thereby optimising their performance.

The COBRA AEROJET DRIVER range offers 3 different heads: