How to choose series: Basics of choosing the right driver

How to choose series: Basics of choosing the right driver

If you are looking to buy a new driver, then you must read this entire
article series. We will delve into every aspect and factors to keep in mind in
order to choose the right driver for you. If you ask your peer group or about
which driver they use or which one should buy, then you might get confused as
they all have different skill level and so do their preferences.

I genuinely believe that when you plan to buy a new driver it is always
valuable to consider your skill level and experience with golf. So, it is very
crucial to know all the basics of choosing the right driver to give yourself a
perfect start in the game.

When you are in the market for a new driver, there are six points to
consider; head size, shape, loft, shaft flexibility, adjustability, and the
most important skill level. Let’s explain you one by one.

Head Size / Head Shape

Head Size

The driver's head
comes with a maximum of 460cc (cubic centimeters) in the market, and today near
about all the drivers are in the range 440cc-460cc. The 440cc ones deliver to
shape the ball more in the air and the 460cc heads usually offer more

Smaller club heads
have less weight around the edge to form a more consistent ball launch. Experienced
folks usually favor smaller club heads for increased mobility. Whereas the
Large club heads are the most forgiving, having a larger sweet spot than
smaller club heads - and are, therefore, and a good option for amateur and
inexperienced golfers.

Head Shape

Shape plays a vital role both in looks and performance. I think a round driver
could have been a better option, as they are not that much heavy, and has a
less chance to get trapped in the ground before impact that will eventually
grow your swing speed and help to keep you on track. As your swing speed
boosts, your ball speed will also rise, and you will reach more distance down
the fairway for sure.

is more valuable, Looks or Performance is still a million-dollar question?

You must choose a driver that you feel most comfortable swinging, not to drag yourself in the good looks scam. However, modern drivers come with both qualities looks + performance, but as we all know that in one item all the things can’t be perfect, and there is some loop also in the best product, so choose wisely and go for the best swinging driver. 


golf beginners choose clubs with a higher face loft. The loft is the clubface
angle which manages trajectory and affects distance. Drivers arrive in
different lofts, and today the king of the golf bag arrives mostly in the range
between a 6-degree and 20-degree loft.

than 85 mph
- 19 degree loft
-104 mph
- 11 degree loft
- 114 mph
- 9  degree loft

I can say:

Golfers - higher loft 

Golfers - lower loft (may prefer)

You need to ask yourself which drivers lofts suits you according to your needs, like the slow swingers, an upward hitters, and the one who use low and front weighted drivers, are the players who want high lofted drivers especially (New Golfers), whereas, the fast swingers, downward hitters, and the ones who use high and back weighted drivers, are the players who seek low loft drivers. So if you normally hit the ball high, then you are better of choosing a driver with a lower loft.

Shaft flexibility

These days, the drivers come in graphite shafts. These new generation shafts are lighter and can help enhance clubhead speed, which can traverse to elevated distance. All shafts come with a variety of bizarre flexes that can transform your shot’s trajectory, distance, and accuracy. The most commonly used flexes are Regular & Stiff.

When choosing a shaft,
it is very essential to know your swing speed, and I am going to help you with
that. See below.

  • Less than 85 MPH = Light flex shafts
  • 85 to 100 MPH = Regular flex shafts
  • More than 100 MPH = stiff or extra stiff for even higher club head speeds


Adjustability in the driver enables you to make frequent tiny adjustments to the loft & weight direction of the driver. But, remember one thing that the adjustable clubs make very small changes, in the end; you’ll need to get fitted for clubs that regulate with your unique swing style before buying adjustable drivers.

Skill level 

thing that you need to consider the most in this game is skill level, as we all
know that Golf is a game of skill, and the driver as a king is one of the most
commonly used and powerful clubs for golfers at every level. After discovering
a driver that meets your need and suit your skill level, you will be one step
closer to a victorious day on the field.

As a
novice or as a high-handicap player, it is pretty cool that you are shaky of
the clubs that would be best for you. I'll suggest if you are a beginner, a
golf set that is consistent and forgiving could be the best fit
for you. 


So, a quick recap for basics of choosing the right driver, Head Size - Head shape - swing drivers- loft - shaft flexibility - adjustability - skill level, and with a conclusion I can say as a golf lover, that to ensure you to make the right choice is to keep in mind the things I mentioned above until you know precisely where you would like to spend your time and money. 

The vital part while choosing a driver is to look for forgiving clubs that can allow you to focus on your ball striking abilities, and also don’t skip to club fitting done by a fitting professional. 

As your game progresses, you may consider to upgrade to a new driver. It is critical to find a driver that works well with your swing and helps to rectify irregularities and keep you on track. 

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the series: that is how the shaft affects your performance?