Chapter 3: How to choose the right grip for your club?

Chapter 3: How to choose the right grip for your club?

We are back with our 3rd episode of how to choose series.

But, before going forward, we must recall the previous chapters as it's a part of great learning.

In the first two chapters, we learned about the basics of choosing the right driver, followed by how the shaft affects your performance, and as we all know, the basic and major part of the club is head, shaft, and grip. We 'd discussed the topics of head and shaft, and it's time to learn another big aspect, grip. So, without wasting any time, let 's start the lesson right away.

The grip always plays a pivotal role in your game, without a proper connection between your hands and club, you would never be able to hit marvelous shots, and for that, it is very valuable to learn and choose the best grip for your club.

Grip Size

Golf grips come in various sizes, and you can easily discover your perfect size combination by comparing grips to your golf glove size, which is a clear way to determine the appropriate grip size.

Let me put this straight:   

For Men 

Glove Size  Grip Size 
 Xtra Large Midsize/Jumbo
Large/Medium      Standard
Small    Undersize 

For Women 

Glove Size  Grip Size 
Large        Standard 
Medium/Small    undersize 

However, determining your grip size is something that the vast majority of golfers don’t do. If your grip is too big or too small, you will see a negative effect on your golf game, and the best way to overcome this problem you need to find a local golf club shop where you can speak with skilled persons who can set you up with the proper size.

Grip Material

Most likely you’ll have to choose between rubber and synthetic rubber grips. Rubber is the ideal material for any grip because it’s easy to hold, easy to shape, and provides the right amount of firmness during your swing.

The rubber comes in both rigid and soft forms, allowing for varying degrees of shock intake and smoothness. Some rubber grips also are very light, which adds slight weight to the club as well. But you need to know that rubber is not the only choice you have.

There's another one, which is typically a mix of real and synthetic rubber, with strands of fabric threading set in the grip known as Corded grips. The threading adds a degree of friction to the feel, producing a less-smooth surface. Corded ones tend to weigh somewhat more than rubber ones.

Also, you have one more option which comes in the form of Wrap golf grips. These take you back to the original leather grips found on now-antique golf clubs.

These are made of leather but are tweaked to provide a tacky surface with a soft surface texture, making these grips right for people who don’t like the firmness of rubber or corded grips.

If you’re a passionate golfer, consider getting fitted at your local pro shop before buying a grip. They’ll be able to guide you on the best material grip to maximize your potential.


Firmness means how hard or malleable the grip material is.

How you choose your fancied firmness isn’t just personal preference and how it sits in your hand. The firmness of the grip dramatically influences the way you use the club.

Firm grips propose more reliable torsion control, which is beneficial for powerful swings. And for that reason, Professional golfers are more likely to choose a firm.

Weather Conditions

The environment should also be a factor when choosing your golf grip material.

For golfers playing in wet and humid weather, it is necessary to take special care to choose the right golf grip. As said, the cord grips are very beneficial in producing extra traction and support in wet conditions.

But, many golfers face difficulty with cord grips as they are too pushy for their hands. If the cord is not an option, then you must look for a grip with a heavy pattern and surface texture to provide the necessary traction to keep their clubs from slipping (or flying) out of their hands. Shun smooth grips and the ones made of plastic or polymers that are not quite suited for play in extremely wet circumstances.

Moisture is another challenging factor that needs to be considered. Whether you're sweating under the stress of the game or wet, moisture can be hard to control, and the only way to overcome this problem is to precisely choose the right grip for your club.


You can never be able to swing the way you want if you don’t choose the right grip for your club, but if you’ve read this in-depth article carefully, in which I’ve covered all the necessary points, so you can easily pick a golf grip that strengthens your game.

Still, if you’re not sure what’s right for you, we recommend trying the grips offered by Those grips are designed for the average golfer and allow you to figure out the basics before investing in specialized grips if that’s where your interest lies.

Stay tuned for the next episode.