Health benefits of playing golf

Health benefits of playing golf

Today, we live in an era which is filled with too much work to have a decent life, but did you know that golf can be the ideal solution to a stressful and cheerful life?

Golf strikes a perfect balance between an enjoyable weekend and fitness. Also, there are several other reasons of playing golf; that helps you to become a better version of yourself.

Kills Depression  

Have you ever noticed that after depression, life carries on? Yes, life carries on, you need to be positive every time, and if you are excited about sports, you need to have a buddy like golf with you; who can put an end to depression.

Many believe that golf played an influential role in their lives to throws out the depression from their life, leading to a happier lifestyle and making them a happy person.

Here’s an example of Sam Gerry, a United States boy, who had seen depression at the age of 14, has said how playing golf has helped him to recover from the haunting mental weakness.

I just think about everything this game has given back to me, and I really appreciate what it’s done. You really could say golf saved my life, and that’s not an exaggeration.- Sam Gerry

Take my note Golf is your best friend; you only need to obey the general rule (written below) to be the person you have always wanted to be.

Reduce Stress

We live in a world where we never know the what's exactly going on in anyone's life and how hard he/she has been gone throw or the main reason for their stress is, but golf can be the one who has the power to bring that person back from the mouth of stress.

It can be to prevent someone from turning wrong in its near future or just that the person by its own decisions and actions precipitated himself beyond the curtain of time. This sport can hold the ability to dis-thrown all your mental weakness and stress and bring out the happy person in you.   

Strengthen your Mind

The mental and strategic challenges by playing golf can also provide a mental workout to ensure your mind stays sharp.

Have you ever noticed that there are positive effects on your brain after a good round on course?

If you don’t notice that earlier than you should know that, through walking on the course, your heart-rate goes up, which leads to improved circulation, and provides better blood supply to the brain that allows the brain to function at higher levels, reducing the risk of cognitive diseases or dementia. 

Playing golf can help improve the lives of seniors as well. Golf can prove to be a great way to keep their brain fit & fine. Visualization, tracking the balls, hand-eye coordination, and concentration are just several ways golf keeps your mind focused and sharp.  

Here’s an example of Louise Tulip, who credits the sport for a variety of health benefits, said about golf "My blood pressure is lower, and my cholesterol readings are lower; generally, my weight is very stable without doing any other exercise."


Participating in social interaction is a crucial component of a person’s everyday life. Socializing not only encourages increased physical activity but also helps to improve mental health. 

According to AARP, there are about 35% of adults over 45 suffer from chronic loneliness in the US. 

Here golf can prove to be a life-changer for you as, by increasing participation in the game, you are also widening your social circle. You can meet new friends while enjoying the game in a healthy environment. Friends can provide social support, help to reduce the above three stated factors affecting your daily life like stress, keep depression at bay, and ward off anxiety. 

Professor Jenny Roe, an environmental psychologist and Director of the Center for Design & Health, University of Virginia, has said that “Golf is one way of benefiting from a regular ‘dose’ of green space to boost psychological wellbeing and physical health.”

Start loving your life

Golf has the supreme power to shut down the ever-increasing generation barrier between the young freaks and the experienced campaigners of life, all thanks to the nature of this sport where everyone just enjoys.

The golf course gets you close to nature where you can witness birds, deer, and many kinds of flowers, with a blend of great view all around the course gives you a pleasant feeling all the way.

It’s a kind of sport that can be enjoyed by all age groups and, according to a Swedish study, it is said to be believed, that golfers live longer, 5 years on average compared to non-golfers.

The medical adviser to the European Tour, Hawkes has said that “the mental gain from playing golf -- especially among seniors -- could prove to be the sport's hidden gem.”

What better example than Vjanthimala, a living legend of Indian cinema, even at the age of 83, she not only plays golf but enjoying the sport wholeheartedly, golf is one of the reasons for her ever ending charm.

General Fact

According to a sports scientist Neil Wolkodoff, if you walk and carry your golf bag, you can burn about 1442 calories while playing a full round of golf, and if you finish an 18-hole round of golf about 3-5 times a week, you will be receiving the optimal amount of exercise you need for the week. This increased exercise can help you manage your weight, increase the amount of blood flow to your muscles, and help your heart become more efficient.

The Final Words

Golf can be your best friend for life; all you need to do is to keep in mind the benefits of playing golf and gift yourself a friend like golf, who remains forever in your life. However, life will never be the same again without clearly there are other expressions you can get from people who wrecked after a low mental phase, but golf holds the power to be that one thing that surely beautifies your life.