TIPS: How to shape your shots

TIPS: How to shape your shots

Each golfer has a natural shape to his or her shot. When you set up to the ball and hit it, odds are it will bend either to the right or to the left. This natural shape can be used to your advantage and should become part of your approach when you’re playing on a golf course.

Once your shot shaping skill becomes solid, repeatable, you can rise to experiment with various ways of striking the ball to deliberately turn it left or right. Mastering this will allow you to control your ball around hindrances or coax it into sections of the course that would be tough to get to with a straight shot.

The Draw

The draw is a great shot to hit when you need to reach a target that is tucked into the far left of your current position, if you are playing into the wind, or if you are hitting your tee shot on a, particularly long hole.

A draw tends to fly low, making it a good shot to hit into a strong wind. It also rolls very far once it comes down because of the lower trajectory and a relatively small amount of backspin. This translates to longer drives off the tee–something all golfers want.

Align your legs and shoulders slightly right of your target to hit a draw. Then, Aim the club face directly at the target which means it will be slightly closed with your body. Strike the ball a little behind wherever you would normally play it. Then make your normal swing. The ball should start somewhat right of the target, and then gently turn towards it, flying low and going a long way after touching down.

Some golfers may hardly a change in their set-up angles, while others may need more. Try to adjust the position of the ball as well.

Choose the right equipment

You have to practice hard to make it consistent and predictable on the course, and with the right equipment, the things become easier for you.

All you need to do is just focusing on your game, train hard with the right technique and the right club. Then, there's no one stopping you to become a pro.

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