The Olympic Golf Course

The Olympic Golf Course

The Olympics have begun and for the first time in over a century, golf is part of the games.

Starting this weekend in Rio de Janeiro, most players will get their first look at the Olympic golf course that will be hosting the men’s and women’s competitions. Situated in the Barra da Tijuca region of Rio, the course -- designed by Gil Hanse and his team -- will host the first Olympic golf tournament in 112 years.

Have a glimpse of the Olympic golf course right below:

An aerial view of the entire Olympic golf course. An aerial view of the entire Olympic golf course.

Due to its environmentally sensitive area, Hanse was not allowed to import or remove sand. Thus, he used native sand for all 79 bunkers – but he opted for three different types. Players will need to understand the differences and the nuances of each type in order to adjust as necessary.

No rough, no trees. Instead, balls that run beyond the fairways will end up in native areas of grass and sand. In addition, there are 79 bunkers which are the “most dramatic” feature on the course.

This course-making at Barra da Tijuca is inspired by the sandbelt type courses in Australia.