Srixon Z U85 - The 2 in one Iron

Srixon Z U85 - The 2 in one Iron

Two in one Club

If you need a club that something looks like an iron instead of a hybrid, then, buddy this is the club for you.

Long iron dispersion, hybrid-like distance. The Z U85 Utility Iron comes with a hollow, forged construction for a high-launch trajectory, soft feel, and unmatched distance. 

The ZU85 utility irons offer an iron-like address profile making them perfect to create the ideal combo set with the Z 785 or Z 585 Irons depending on player preference. 

With this iron you've got to feel the crisp, consistency and the ballistic ball speeds through impact - these are long!

Key Points: 

Forged Construction

Ultra-soft 1020 carbon steel coupled with a high-strength SUP10 face gives you a smooth feel and unmatched distance.

Fully Hollow

Hollow construction creates controllable long iron with forgiveness and a high-launch trajectory.

Iron-Like Address Profile

A clean, inspiring sign raises your belief on the tee or in the fairway.

Performance -

All about the Srixon Z U85 seems steady. You’d think the concept of a fully hollow clubhead would make it feel or sound cheap. This is not the case which is confirmed with every swing of the club.

At impact, the iron sounds loud. When hit well, the Z U85 resonates like you’d expect a tour-quality product. Abler players will relish this detail, and higher handicap players looking to boost their confidence as well.

The iron has a compact hollow body construction that generates a more powerful and forgiving iron from the tee or fairway.

I wholly enjoy playing with this club, because of the head of this Z U85 Utility iron which features a fully hollow construction that gives an easy-to-launch, forgiving launch and trajectory.

Verdict -

The new Srixon Z U85 iron is an incredible utility option for players of all skills. Its popularity on tour shows how good it is, and once you hit one, you will see how well it can perform in your bag.

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