Review: Mizuno 2017 JPX - S Golf Balls - The Softest JPX from Mizuno!

Review: Mizuno 2017 JPX - S Golf Balls - The Softest JPX from Mizuno!

On the back of what Mizuno claim to be a successful 2016 golf season in the ball market, it is introducing a new JPX-S model to the growing line-up in August 2017. The new ball is a soft-compression 3-piece ball claiming to offer balanced performance across a wider range of swing speeds plus increased initial ball speed for most golfers.


Mizuno’s reputation obviously proceeds itself in the golf club market with countless years of innovation under their belt. But in recent years that reputation has extended more in to the golf ball world too, with tour proven models like MP-S and MP-X models.

The Mizuno JPX-S model is a soft compression version of Mizuno’s 3-piece JPX ball engineered for balanced performance across a wider range of swing speeds. Mizuno claims that by softening the core, their R&D department have enhanced both the feel of the JPX-S at impact and increased initial ball speed for the majority of golfers.


The aerodynamics featured in the new Mizuno JPX-S also claim to be improved via an enhanced version of Mizuno’s distinctive ‘Dimple-Cluster design’. This innovation is said help convert ball speed into extra yards, which if true can only be a good thing. 566 dimples feature on the JPX-S, 54 more than previous JPX models. The science behind such a high dimple count is said to boost the ball’s ability to maintain its flight for longer as the micro dimples are set to take effect at lower ball speeds increasing the hang time even past the apex of the ball’s flight.


Tetsuya Kanayama, Director of Mizuno R&D, explains: "We call this ‘Balanced Performance’, as every measurable performance aspect of the JPX-S has evolved without sacrifice of another – speed, feel, spin, aerodynamics or durability."

It seems like the JPS-X is a ball geared to benefit a wide variety of golf swings with specific technology for different swing speeds. Mizuno has proven this diversity with testing at higher swing speeds too. Japan Tour Player, Nobuhito Sato for example is said to be able to carry the JPX-S ball on average 18 yards further than his normal MP-S tour ball when hitting a driver.

Alex Thorne, European Tour Operations Manager, talks about the potential distance gains: "This softer compression JPX-S ball is going to produce greater yardage for the majority of players."

Offering something for everyone, the Mizuno JPX-S ball encompasses the benefits of their expanding golf ball range from the tour-proven performance of the MP-S and MP-X models, to the distance-enhancing micro-dimples and 5-piece design of the JPX Platinum.

Although the ‘Dimple-Cluster Design’ may not suit every golfers eye, if the performance of the JPX-S match the stats, the Japanese innovators may have found the first piece of the jigsaw in creating a golf ball rang that matches the legacy of Mizuno clubs.

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