Odessey Triple Track Ten Putter Review

Odessey Triple Track Ten Putter Review

I believe that the most used club in the golf bag has to be the most accurate one, and I can straightaway say that the new Odessey Triple Track Putter is of that kind.

My first impression of this putter was very positive as the club grabs my attention instantly all thanks to its triple track line placement, this one is by far the most comfortable putter I have ever tried, slim and gentle in the right places. The alignment is fantastic; my swing and posture match perfectly with the shaft angles.

On top of that, the putter comes with a Microhinge Star Insert that creates a firmer feel and pleasing sound at impact, while keeping the same roll and reduced skid benefits of Odyssey's famous White Hot Microhinge insert.

Feel of this club is top-notch; you could only become a more skilled player by using this putter.

The club features three prominent lines located at the top of the putter head, which is eye-pleasing and can match Callaway's patented line technology to 111 Chrome Soft Golf Balls.

More precisely, the new Odyssey Triple Track Putters are being built from Callaway's famous golf ball series, with three lines prominently in the center of the putter head, triple track technology uses Vernier Hyper Acuity, the same visual technology used to land planes on aircraft carriers, to enhance the alignment quickly for better accuracy, and when you can find the right line, you have a much higher chance of making the putt.

Odyssey was ranked #1 Putter in Golf, and ruling at every major championship in 2019.

I really feel comfortable hitting with this club and now I know why this one become pro's favorite just after it got released.

Triple Track could be the great option being used to hole putts to win majors, and I' m sure this putter will instantly become popular among the weekend buddies out on the course wholly thanks to its pure roll and balanced feel.

Talking about its shaft, then I must say that the Stroke Lab shaft has specially designed to improve the tempo and consistency in your stroke with the blend of exceptional performance. This shaft plays an enormous role in making you a more solid putter player and is also the main reason behind its dominating streak at Tour events all over the world.

You know the one thing I like the most about Odessey is that they always set a standard for success and performance, and remain inspired to deliver amazing technologies and innovations that can help make you a better putter.

All I can say about the Odessey Triple Track Putter is that the putter is best of its kind, and you won’t get such superior consistency and forgiveness both in one club much often!