Mizuno's much awaited JPX 900 Woods

Mizuno's much awaited JPX 900 Woods

The new JPX900 series will be available from September 2016. We previewed the driver earlier, now have a look at the new JPX 900 Woods.

Key features:-

  • New Fast Track Technology (infinite centre track)
  • Quick Switch
  • Shock Wave Sole
  • Re-engineered head dimensions
  • Waffle Crown

Extreme Adjustability:

  • 15g weight moves SS height 1mm.
  • 15g weight moves COG depth by 2.3mm.
  • Spin ratio variance is 700 rpm.


Quick 'Switch':

  • JPX 900 Quick Switch adaptor layout changed to +/- system.
  • New adaptor is clearly labelled for LH/RH SKU.
  • Backwards compatible with JPX 850/EZ.


Shock Wave Sole:

  • Maintains high COR low on the face.
  • COG forwarded design.


Waffle Crown:

  • 0.55mm / 0.35mm MULTI-THICKNESS Crown optimises mass properVes while maintaining strength.
  • Promotes low COG.


Performance Summary:

Realising that spin is critical to optimising the performance of a fairway wood, utilise Mizuno's Fast Track technology to allow players to precisely tune the performance of their fairway woods.

Mizuno JPX 900 Series Golf Clubs will be open for Pre - Booking in India @Golfoy on 15th August, 2016.