Choosing between the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf ball

Choosing between the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf ball

The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf ball are part of Titleist’s 2015 lineup and replace the 2013 models. Titleist updates the Pro V1 franchise every two years using feedback that they receive from golfers on and off the Tour.

The Pro V1 features a 3-piece golf ball construction, 352 dimple large core design while the Pro V1x features a 4-piece golf ball construction, 328 dimple dual-core design. Both feature a urethane cover and Titleist’s Alignment Integrated Marking (A.I.M.) sidestamp.

Here is a breakdown of differences in choosing between the two according to Titleist:

Pro V1:

The 2015 Pro V1 seemed to sit down a bit quicker with chips around the green thanks to the softer cover. It was easier to get a little grab on the first bounce or too, but it still ran out well to the hole without abruptly hitting the brakes.

In general play, the 2015 Pro V1 seemed to have a stronger flight and better all round distance. After a few round of gameplay, one can easily notice the impact the 2015 version of these balls creates.

Pro V1x:

Slightly firmer feel and lower long game spin and launches higher with a steeper angle of descent than Pro V1.

The best way to describe the sound and feel from the 2015 Pro V1x is that in terms of 'clickiness' and feel, it is about the same as the 2013 Pro V1. It is noticeably better sounding than the 2013 Pro V1x and again it has a lot more control than the previous version with short chips.

Both Pro V1 and Pro V1x deliver extraordinary distance, the best scoring performance for all golfers, and long lasting durability, yet differ in feel, long game spin and flight.

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