C3i Wedge Review: The Best wedge of 2019?

C3i Wedge Review: The Best wedge of 2019?

The golf wedge that we’re desperately waiting for is finally here to dominate the wedges market.

With the all-new C3i wedge, there is a new way to
not only get out of the bunker but get closer to the pin every time. A true
next-generation wedge, C3i Wedge boasts a unique design that is built to get
you out of every bunker and onto every green... every time!

The C3i wedge is engineered specifically to make
shots from in and around the green easier for any golfer who struggles with the
short game; the C3i Wedge can help every golfer lower their score & become
more consistent with their short game

The C3i golf wedge comes with an extra curve and a beveled leading edge that diminishes interaction with the ground for a cleaner contact than traditional wedges; It has a hosel and heel shaped in a way that eliminates catching and snagging in a rough and to minimize material collection in the pocket.


Prelude: I am a 16 Handicapper, and the C3i Wedge
helped me lower my score by 7 Strokes in just a single round.

But even if you are a beginner, this club makes
shots around the green very easy.

The C3i Wedge is designed to make chipping and
pitching easier for players, and it all starts with the Auto-Glide Extreme
Sole. In comparison to more traditional wedges, which have thinner soles that
are more likely to get stuck in the ground on heavy shots, the hybrid-like sole
of the c3i Wedge limits the possibility for it to dig into the turf. The result
is better contacted more consistently, greatly reducing the chances of hitting
your pitch shots from around the green fat.

There is something that makes the C3i Wedge a must
have a product for all the golfers. The club has an extra-wide lob wedge that
supports the user to hit the ball accurately. With its brilliant design, it is
easy to contact the ball on any surface consistently.

Holding the C3i is quite easier as compared to other
wedges because of an excellent gripped material. It’s easy to use, and bunker
shots come out consistently.

The club also did very well out of the rough; the ball gets up in the air very nicely without too much effort. There’s a nice margin of error. If you’re struggling with bunker shots and many other lies around the green, then this one is a most probable club that can provide you some relief.


  • 65 Degree Loft

  • AutoGlide Xtreme Sole

  • Optimized Center of Gravity

  • Classic Shape & Polymer Insert

  • Glare-Reducing Finish & Alignment

Verdict -

Overall, the C3i is a great and super impressive wedge.
The club delivers on its ability to get the ball up quickly out of various lies
without perfect technique. It designs assist the golfer in aiming and setting
up the target accurately and is specially made to provide a less complicated

The C3i wedge delivers consistent results for golfers of all skill levels; This wedge is something that can full fill all your needs. So, without any second thought, just place this wedge in your cart of golf equipment for revolutionizes your sand play and the entire short game.

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