5 Most Affordable Golf Shoes - Top picks under Rupees 10,000

5 Most Affordable Golf Shoes - Top picks under Rupees 10,000

Buying a good pair of shoes is a personal choice, but sometimes you get confused about whether to choose an expensive one or a mid-range one and in this confusion, you end up buying a shoe that isn't worth a while. So, after keeping these factors in mind. We made a list (in no particular order) of the most affordable golf shoes available in the market, which fulfills your requirements and will not affect your bank balance.



Adidas Cp Traxion Spikeless Golf Shoes 

The first impression when you look at or think about CP Traxion is its company, yes, Adidas. However, apart from this plus point, we really need to find out if these shoes have more pros other than the brand's name.

Well, on course, I had a great experience with these shoes, the flexible midsole cushioning provides what it promises - the comfort. The lightweight foam sockliner lets anyone walk the course in comfort. These shoes are true fit with great looks and absolutely no pain after a great golfing session at the course.

These spikeless golf shoes performed as expected. Good traction, flexible, and durable with water-tight feature.

I think the CP Traxion is clearly, one of the best affordable shoe available in the market, because the kind of comfort, durability, and breathability these shoes provide, You're going to gain much-needed confidence to play better golf, and actually, you're not going to find any better wintry shoes apart from these super impressive Adidas CP Traxion shoes in this price range.

So, a highly recommended product from my side, you should surely try out these shoes for excellent quality that adds confidence to your performance.



Callaway La Jolla Wd Spiked Golf Shoes

These Callaway shoes are cushioned to the maximum, and comfortable as can be.

The shoes that cost more than twice as much aren’t as comfortable as these are. The La Jolla golf shoes give me an excellent grip on shots and comfortable experience throughout the day. Also, the course was very wet, but as expected, these shoes kept my feet dry and warm.

It’s high time you should gift yourself a pair of shoe that delivers in all areas, whether its comfort, durability, ground feel, and the price tag. 

Available in 2 colors white/black, and black/blue, but to be honest go for black/white one, that looks a bit traditional but adds a great charm.

Callaway La Jolla would be a smart buy in any way. Period!



Adidas Golflite 5z Wd Spiked Golf Shoes

The perfectly build Adidas Golflite is a great pair of shoes that provides an excellent grip on the course. The cleat present on the shoes is exactly what you need in a golf shoe. It gives me the much-needed confidence to play better on the course, and yes, I really enjoyed, because of the unmatchable comfort these shoes provide me throughout the day.

The Adidas golflite men’s golf shoes are very comfortable and lightweight as, I played only one round so far, without any slips, and you believe it or not, but these shoes have become one of my favorite shoes already.

These are really nice shoes, which surely deserve a place in your cart, as they look sharp, fit well, grip the grass, and true to what the brand promises. 



Callaway Chev Mission Md Rubber Spiked Golf Shoes

Excellent grip on the shots, as the course was super wet and slick due to rain on the previous day, but the shoes held their ground like a champ. Also, the look of the Chev mission is so great that it makes these shoes an awesome combination of traditional styling and modern feel. 

The fit and look are everything I could have hoped for, walked 9 holes in a golf course without any break-in period, and they felt like I had worn them for a year.

To be honest, these shoes are fantastically priced, look great, and the fit was almost perfect. Makes Callaway Chev Mission golf shoes a must buy this season.



Footjoy Originals Spiked Xw Spiked Golf Shoes


According, to what I experienced with these shoes, the Footjoy originals spiked are the perfect shoes we need for the weekend, as they look good, feel great and fit even better, as long as you treat them right, they're going to last for a great time.

These FootJoy shoes look more like formal shoes, but when I've worn them, they look kind of attractive and give me a comfortable and friendly feel, thanks to their lightweight underfoot cushioning. Apart from that, the shoes have 6 cleats that provide better traction & great comfort.

The waterproof leather upper provides comfort and quality to the shoe to ensure at least a year-round performance. However, haven’t worn them when it’s wet out yet, but don't have any doubts that they're going to hold on well. 

If you are looking for a spiked golf shoe that sums up all the basic demands you need in a shoe, then you must buy this one. Because I truly believe, that the Footjoy originals spiked shoes give you an extremely comfortable ride of joy on the course, and it won’t trouble your budget as well.