Why should you buy recycled golf balls?

The biggest reason to buy used golf balls is because it is greener and environment friendly.

However the best way to explain this would be with an example which all golfers can relate with.

It’s a perfect day for golf; you are feeling confident about hitting a birdie on the first hole. You take out the brand new sleeve of balls you just bought from the pro-shop. You place your shiny new ball on the tee, smiling at how white it looks.

You take your back-swing, OB on the left, Water on the right & a clear blue sky. Now all that you can think about is losing your Rs 400 Ball. Wham! You hit a pull and the ball goes flying over the trees into the OB. Bye Bye Birdie!

Now imagine the same scenario but instead of the ball costing you Rs 400 the exact same ball costs you less than Rs 200. Feeling better after saving money?

To save money & not compromisiong on quality is a good reason to buy our golf balls.

We conducted a test, comparing the flight distance of a new golf ball & Used golf balls. We hit a sample of 50 ProV1's balls of each quality with a 445cc Titleist 913 Driver.

The average carry length of the balls is displayed in the below graph

Used Golf Balls Vs New Golf Ball

Have we been able to convince you for buying our golf balls? If not, we would love to try again.

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