Mens Oxford Hybrid MD Golf Shoes (CS)

Viper Golf Mens Oxford Hybrid MD Golf Shoes (CS)

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  • Clearance Product: No Return/No Exchange
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Lace Up Closure System
  • Classic Traditional Design Snug Fit
  • Moisture-Resistant.
  • Hybrid PGM  Sole.
  • Lightweight Underfoot Comfort
  • Suitable For All Weather Conditions 

The VG Mens 2019 Oxford Hybrid Golf Shoes bring versatility to golf footwear utilizing spikeless outsole, super-soft premium synthetic leathers and lightweight underfoot comfort. Style meets all-day comfort in these Professional men’s hybrid golf shoes.


Combine style with function in this professionally-designed, lace-up golf shoe with rich, leather uppers for comfort and durability.

Second skin, leather lining provides a luxury feel and a healthy, breathable environment for your feet.

Moisture-resistant shields your feet from the elements, ensuring you stay fresh and dry throughout the day.

High water-resistance, making it suitable for all weather conditions .


Attribute Based FAQs
How often should I replace my golf shoes?
The soles of any kind of golf shoe lasts for 200-300 rounds depending on how they are maintained, a decent golf shoe can last anywhere from 16 to 24 Months. If you play 3-5 times a week and rarely clean the uppers and outsoles, then your shoes might only last 6 Months. Alternatively, you might get 2-3 years out of a shoe if you don't use the same shoe for every golf round and rotate them with another pair of shoes while cleaning them after each use and keep them in the right environment.
Do dedicated golf shoes actually make a difference?
Yes, they do. A dedicated golf shoe will add stability to your swing while saving you from any injury. If you're a beginner, you'll want shoes that may allow you to swing the club without spinning out. It's also common for many beginners to use any sports shoes to the golf course but if they swing too hard they have less stability in their stance and may run into spine or knee injuries. We recommend wearing only golf shoes while playing on the course as they are best for foot grip which ends up in control and consistency.
Are spiked shoes better than spikeless shoes?
Usually, the decision between spiked and spikeless golf shoes is a matter of personal choice. It's all about what type of performance you require from your shoes. For example, if you want more traction, then you should go for spiked shoes but they are slightly heavier. On the other hand, if you want more comfort, fittings, or versatility, then you can go for the spikeless shoes.
How do I clean my golf shoes?
To clean your golf shoes like a pro, you have to follow these steps, which include cleaning your uppers with mild soap and warm water after each round. Remove all dirt and grass from the outsoles. For spiked shoes, you have to remove the spikes to clean dirt that is stuck on the inside. Let the shoe dry in a warm environment and avoid leaving them out in the sun to dry. If necessary, use leather oil or shoe polish, which helps your shoes look shiny and add more life to the outermost material. You can use the helios leather lotion or shoe cream for better results.
How do I know when to change my golf spikes?
Have you ever lost your balance or slipped out during a golf swing? If yes then it's likely that the spikes on your golf shoes are worn out. Then it's time to replace your shoe spikes. Generally, you should replace your shoe spike once every 50 rounds.
How do I replace my golf spikes?
For removing golf shoe spikes, you need a suitable golf spike tool. This is the "Golfoy Basics Spike/Cleat Remove and Replace Wrench Tool," which is available for purchase on our website. Then, in order to loosen, insert the prongs into the two spike holes and turn counter clockwise. The spike will unscrew in the same way that a screw would. After removing the spikes, make sure you clean all the dirt from the holes. Once you're done, then it's time to install new spikes. Use the golf spike tool to install them properly; put the spike into the hole and rotate it in a clockwise direction.
How should I keep my golf shoes stored?
Put your shoes in a golf shoe bag to keep them protected from air and in top shape. Avoid storing your golf shoes in hot areas like the trunk of your car or direct sunlight, as this might speed up the breakdown of the upper and outsole fabrics.
What does BOA mean in golf shoes?
BOA is an advanced high tech form of lacing system in which classic laces are replaced by wires, connected to a turning knob. This knob is used to tighten, loosen, and snap your laces easily and enables micro-adjustments to ensure that each pair of shoes fits perfectly. You can enter the game considerably quicker thanks to BOA laces that tighten quickly.

Additional Information

Brand Viper Golf
Returnable No
Replacement Period No
Waterproof No
Warranty No Waterproof Warranty
Player Gender Men
Shoe Sole Hybrid
Outer Shoe Material Synthetic Leather
Shoe Width Medium