Mirror Trainer With Gates

PuttOut Mirror Trainer With Gates

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  • The PuttOUT Mirror helps you work on alignment and positioning while putting. With this pack you can setup all of the best putting drills.
  • Set the width of the magnetic putter guides on the mirror to check your alignment and address position.
  • Your putter is the most used club in the bag by improving your putting and reducing the number of putts per round you will dramatically improve your score
  • PuttOUT mirror comes with a stand-alone 2 inch putting gate allowing you to actively work on your strike path and target by having the putter pass through the guide.
  • Mirror measures 9.5 x 7.9 x 0.20 inches with durable rubber casing with spikes on underside to keep in place without tees.

PuttOUT Putting Mirror

Comprising of a steel inner plate, to prevent warping and breakage, and a spiked-based rubber surround, holding the acrylic mirror in place, the new PuttOUT Putting Mirror builds good alignment and setup, with improved putter delivery through repetition. Accompanied by two magnetic putter guides and a 2 inche wide putting gate, this will take your putting practice to a new level.


Guided Putting:-The two vivid, magnetic, aligment guides can be adjusted to fit your putter & putting stroke. They can be positioned as a rail, a gate, or a backstop, in fact, what ever you see fit. The guides are 3 inches long, helping you to build consistent putter delivery in the impact area.

Use Anywhere:-With a rugged, compact design, the PuttOUT Putting Mirror can be used anytime, anywhere. Practice at home, at work, in your hotel or on the putting green. Explore and discover your putting stroke with regular, frequent practice.

Putting Gate:-Use the magnetic guides to work on your putter path, then add the putting gate to ensure that your putter face is square at impact. Set the gate in front of the mirror to get your ball rolling consistently on line. The gate can also be used as an aim point on a green for breaking putts.


DRILL 1 - MIRROR GUIDES:-Adjust the width of the magnetic putter guides to fit your putter to work on consistent delivery. Guides can be offset from the centre to work on off the toe strikes. Mirror markings encourage a square face at set-up and correct path

DRILL 2 - PUTTING GATE:-Place the small gate 1 foot from the ball. The putter face must be square, within 1/2 a degree open or closed at impact, for the ball to roll through the gate.

DRILL 3 - ANGLED MIRROR:-Use putting gate to support the mirror at an angle to get a different view of you position and putting stroke. By placing the angled mirror behind the target you can also check your head position.

The PuttOUT Mirror Trainer has been designed to perfectly compliment the PuttOUT range. Combining the mirror with the PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer and the PuttOUT Putting Mat (both sold separately) gives you access to the ideal putting studio allowing you to work on perfecting your skills.

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