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Women's 19 G Le2 Combo Hybrid/Iron Set

Ping Women's 19 G Le2 Combo Hybrid/Iron Set

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  • #4 Hybrid, #5 Hybrid, #6 Hybrid or Iron (Choose 1), #7 Hybrid or Irons (Choose 1), #8 Iron, #9 Iron, Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge
  • Advanced Undercut Cavity Design Moves Weight Back And Low For Higher-Flying, Accurate Shots
  • Enhanced Toe Weighting Elongates The Sweet Spot For Unsurpassed Forgiveness
  • Variable Face Thickness Delivers Exceptional Feel And Power Even On Off-Center Hits


Head construction Cast irons are made from a mould, has cavities, offers Distance & have a firmer feel

Launch The shot launches at a “high” trajectory with this club.

Swing Speed This club is ideal for players with “slow” swing speed.

Best For "Low handicappers (0-9), Mid handicappers (10-18), High handicappers (18 and above)"
Mid to High

Distance Offers higher distance

Ping G Le2 - Designed to Inspire.. 

Experience top-level performance in your game with the G Le 2.0 Hybrid/Irons. Fast and stable hybrids feature a soft crown construction and thin Carpenter 455 face for unprecedented ball speeds and higher launch. A deeper, lower Center of Gravity location promotes consistently straight ball flight and forgiveness. Revolutionary COR-Eye™ technology and a top-rail undercut in the irons generates a diving-board-like effect for faster ball speeds and unmatched distance across the entire face. PING®’s lightweight shaft option helps generate increased head speed while reducing overall system weight.

Ping G Le2 Women's Irons - Designed to Inspire

  • COR-Eye™ Technology generates faster ball speeds from the simultaneous activation of the sole, face and top rail
  • Diving-board effect caused by COR-Eye™ creates faster ball speeds for even greater distance
  • Faster ball speed is consistent across the face, delivering longer, straighter results, even on off-center hits
  • Top-rail undercut increases face flexing and increases MOI by 10%, for greater accuracy and added consistency
  • Co-molded cavity badge provides enhanced feel and sound at impact
  • PING ULT240 Lite graphite shaft helps generate more club head speed and ball velocity while reducing overall system weight 

Ping G Le2 Women's Hybrids - Designed to Inspire 

  • Fast and stable head design generates heightened launch and additional carry
  • Thin crown construction repositions weight lower in the club head for higher MOI and greater forgiveness
  • Thin Carpenter 455 face design increases ball speeds for higher launch characteristics and more distance
  • Lower, deeper Center of Gravity location promotes consistently straight ball flight and forgiveness
  • PING ULT240 Lite graphite shafts helps generate more club head speed and ball velocity while reducing overall system weight


Attribute Based FAQs
How Often Should I Change My Golf Irons?
It might be hard to give a speedy answer considering how many years have passed since the beginning. There are many variables. You can also ask how many rounds you can expect from a set. The level and the frequency of your games will determine the replacement period. For low-handicappers and regular players, it's a better idea to upgrade your set of irons every 300 rounds, or about 4 to 5 years. This will keep the clubs in good condition and prevent them from wearing out where you hit the ball. Even casual golfers who aren't that competitive can keep their clubs for up to 8 years. 10 years is a good limit before technology takes over.
How do I choose the right irons?
Buying the right set of irons is the biggest investment for any golfer, whether he is a beginner or an expert, so choose wisely. You need to find a club that you feel comfortable with and that allows you to perform consistently with them. A good fitter will help you determine the proper shaft stiffness, loft, and lie through analysis. All it takes to find the proper balance and swing weight is to practice with several combinations until you feel comfortable. To select the ideal set for you, combine all these factors.
What is the difference between blades, cavity back, & muscle back irons?
The blade golf iron is a classical club with a thin top-down look, a smaller sweet spot, and an impressive feel that is primarily used by skilled golfers. Or cavity back irons, which are larger than blades and have a hollow section at the club's bottom. Cavity backs have a larger sweet spot, are more forgiving, and produce more distance. A muscle back iron has a more traditional appearance and is also known as a forged club. The club's head is quite narrow, but the base is thicker, which increases forgiveness and allows the ball to fly higher. Low handicap golfers are more likely to use these irons.
What's the difference between forged and cast golf irons
Forged irons provide a good hitting feel, which is one of their characteristics. Because the head is made of soft iron, the ball sticks to the face during impact, extending the impact time and enhancing mobility, and cast irons are known for their long flight distance and great straightness. Casting has a greater flight distance than soft iron forging because it is constructed of hard materials like stainless steel and stainless alloys and has a high coefficient of restitution.
What are game improvement irons?
Game improvement irons typically have a cavity-back design and a larger clubhead with a larger sweet spot. They are made to make a golfer's swing longer, straighter, and higher. Taylormade M4 Steel Irons, Cobra King Forged Tec X Steel Irons, and Callaway Rogue ST Pro Graphite Irons are among our best game improvement irons.
What are one length golf irons?
Each golf club is the same length, as the name suggests. This indicates that each club has the same shaft length if you have a 4-iron through a pitching wedge (these are commonly referred to as one-length irons as well). As I have mentioned, this is totally different to the vast majority of common iron sets utilized in the golf industry. Typically, a pitching wedge is shorter in length than a 4-iron or mid-iron. However, the length of each of these sets is the same.
How do steel and graphite shafts differ from each other in irons?
The construction and functionality of the shaft have a significant impact on the golf swing. The average weight difference between shafts made of steel and graphite is around 50g. Assuming that steel shafts weigh around 110g on average, graphite shafts weigh around 50g , which is lighter than steel shafts. The difference between steel shafts and graphite shafts is the material. Steel shafts are heavy because they; are made of steel, graphite shafts are light due to the fact that they; are made of carbon fibers; and the specific gravities of steel and carbon are totally different.
Should I get fitted before buying new irons?
Yes, being in shape is beneficial before buying new clubs. You have no idea what to do if you mention fitting a golf club. Fitting refers to finding golf clubs that match your ability and strength. You can find the ideal golf club for everyone because you can see the type of swing you are currently doing. The ball will fly farther and straighter, swing more steadily, and other factors when the golf club is right for you.

Additional Information

Returnable No
Replacement Period No
Warranty Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects
Brand Ping
Shaft Graphite Shaft