Season 1 | Life Under Par
Episode-1: Kararndeep Kochhar
Learn about the life and magic of India’s brightest golfer and 2020-2021 PGTI Order of merit leader Karandeep Kochhar, who explored various successes in his professional career at a very young age.
Episode-2: Neha Tripathi
Discover the life of one of the modern-day pioneers for women’s golf in India. Neha Tripathi started her professional journey in 2010 and has since won sixteen titles in her illustrious career. She is the kind of golfer who was maybe not always under the limelight but will always remain in the glare of publicity.
Episode-3: Aman Raj
Aman Raj, a professional golfer from Patna, Bihar who not only followed the usual “practice to school and back to practice” routine in his childhood but has beaten many odds to emerge as one of the dominant golfers on the Indian golf circuit.
Episode-4: Rashid Khan
The name Rashid Khan is synonymous with golf in India, and why would it not be? He is after all one of the most prominent Indian golfers.