Practice Range Balls (Pack of 100)

Golfoy Basics Practice Range Balls (Pack of 100)

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  • 392 Dimples Pattern
  • Pack of 100 balls
  • 2-Piece construction
  • Ideal for practice 
  • Extremely durable

2 Layer
  • Perfect for beginners and to practice.
  • These authentic, brand new, two piece range balls are extremely durable and yet produce a softer feel than other similar range balls
  • Great for filling up your shag bag or stocking your driving range with quality golf balls.
  • Two parts consisting of a polybutadiene (synthetic rubber) resilient core that provides good energy transfer to enhance distance.
  • Soft feel and low spin ball, covering maximum distance.


Attribute Based FAQs
How often should I replace my golf ball?
A new golf ball lasts for 9-18 Holes depending on your usage or if you don’t lose it. Even trees or cart paths or mishits might at most make a slight scuff on the cover without changing its shape or characteristics. The ball will be taken out of play immediately if it sustains damage from being struck by a wedge with aggressive groove. A golf ball with scuffs and cuts can instantly lose its performance and may not give you the best results.
How Do I Choose The Right Golf Ball?
When buying golf balls, the procedure can be confusing. It might be challenging to determine which ball is best for you because there are so many different brands and features available. You can view our ball selection guide to help you choose the right golf ball based on your handicap and playing style.
How do dimples affect the performance of a golf ball?
Dimples help the golf ball fly. If you hit a perfectly smooth ball with no dimples, it will only travel half the distance. The USGA also requires golf balls and their dimples to be symmetrical, though there is no limit to the number of dimples. For optimal aerodynamics, modern golf balls have between 350 and 500 dimples. The distance, stability, and spin rate of the shot are all affected by the different shapes, sizes, and patterns. For example, the more dimples there are, the further the ball travels, but the spin decreases.
Is spin a factor in choosing the right golf ball?
Spin is basically what makes a golf ball go higher in the air. Spin mostly depends on the outermost layer of the golf ball. Golf ball covers are mostly made of Surlyn or Urethane. Surlyn is an ionomer resin which contributes to distance but inhibits the spin. Whereas golf balls with urethane covers typically spin more and have higher short game control. When air hits the outer layer or cover of the golf ball, it creates a low-pressure area which causes the ball to uplift in the air. A ball that spins a lot can be good if you want maximum control.
How does compression matter in a golf ball?
The compression of a golf ball refers to how much it will squish up against the club face during a swing. Compression is one way of measuring the overall hardness of the ball. A higher compression golf ball will give you more control as well higher distance off the tee for faster swing speeds
How many layers/pieces do golf balls have?
Usually, most of the entry level golf balls are made up of 2 layers whereas most professional golf balls are made up of 3-5 Layers. If you are a beginner or a high handicap player, a 2-piece golf ball with low compression will be best for you as it will make the ball go longer and straighter. On the other hand, a multi-layered high-compression ball would benefit mid-to low handicap players with faster swing speeds, giving them better control, feel, and accuracy.
What do personalized golf balls include?
All personalized balls are custom printed as per your specifications at our inhouse printing facility. Now you can write your name on the golf ball or even print your logo on it. You can do this by simply selecting the custom print checkbox just above the add to cart button.
Do I need high-visibility golf balls?
When choosing the High Visibility Golf Balls, remember that there’s technically no difference in performance between the colors. The only advantages of high visibility golf balls are the time you will save by being able to find your ball faster.

Additional Information

Brand Golfoy Basics
Returnable No
Replacement Period No
Ball Quality Brand New
Quantity 100 Balls
Construction 2 Layer