Why are Super Stroke Putter Grips so good?

SuperStroke putter grips are some of the most popular putter grips on the course. Shining in bright colors, they continue to catch every golfer’s eyes in everywhere in India. Ever wondered, what makes these grips so special and eye candies ?

Parallel Technology

No-Taper-Golf-Grips Yes, the patented parallel technology in the superstroke grips make them one of the most advanced grips on the course. This technology has over the years helped golfers save thousands of rupees by only shifting the grip and not the entire putter. As there were many golfers who struggled in the short game of putting (below 10 feet) due to the “yips” syndrome, superstroke came up with this simple idea. Yips is nothing but the inability to make short putts due to extreme amount of tension and anxiety when you reach your final shot. With a thicker parallel grip, all the tension can be distributed more evenly on the putter and the more stable shoulders and fore arms can be put to use to play that pendulum like stroke.  

Tour Performance

[caption id="attachment_216" align="alignnone" width="730"]Super Stroke is a Choice on Tour. (Image Source - golfalot) Super Stroke is a Choice on Tour. (Image Source - golfalot)[/caption] Superstroke claims that every Jordan Spieth’s win after turning Professional has happened with a SuperStroke grip on his putter. Major magazines claim that atleast a quarter of golfers on tour play a superstroke. Superstroke had back to back victories recently when Jordan Spieth and Sergio Garcia won the Dean & Deluca Invitational and  AT&T Byron Nelson Classic respectively. These are just some of many SuperStroke victories on Tour with many more to come.  

Huge Variety

[caption id="attachment_218" align="alignnone" width="1500"]Super stroke has various models available according to your hand size. (Image Source - Reddit) Super stroke has various models available according to your hand size. (Image Source - Reddit)[/caption] Smelling the growing popularity SuperStroke has today forayed into a multitude of grip sizes and models. Starting with the thinnest Ultra Slim 1.0 , its catalog features Mid Slim 2.0, Slim 3.0 and ultimately the mother of them all Fatso 5.0 . All models have been designed according to the size of the golfers hands and their needs. For better fitting, SuperStroke have even given to the world the revolutionary Flat grip called Flatso having a square profile. The Pistol grips have also been added recently to their portfolio. Superstroke Counter Weight Grips While this was not enough for the engineers at SuperStroke, they forayed into the counter core putter grips. Counter core grips feature removable weight technology wherein a 50 gram weight can be inserted or removed into the putter shaft directly without tampering the grip. Therein, The putter can be adjusted for any particular day’s play. SuperStroke Counter Cores are now exclusively available in India @ www.Golfoy.com Posted on: 2016 Jun 7 Tue
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Author: Kunal Singhai

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