Top 5 Richest Golfers in the World

We all agree with the fact that Golf is a game that requires an enormous amount of practice and commitment to be in the race of best golfers.

But as said, “fortune favors the brave” some of them, with their exceptional talent and determination, make very big and earns huge in this incredible sport.

So, today we come up with the list of top 5 people who made millions from the sport they loved ‘GOLF’. 

5. Gary Player  

Net – Worth: $250 Million

The third most winning player in the history of golf, Gary Player is a South-African professional golfer who has a net worth of $250 million. The legend is known for its outstanding game skills and its charismatic personality, which draws everyone’s attention to his game.

Gary earns immense name and fame in his golfing career, and today he holds the 5th position in the list of richest golfer in the world. 

4. Greg Norman  

Net-Worth: 300 Million

Known for his 89 professional wins, Greg Norman is a legendary Australian golfer and businessman.  

In his exceptional career, he has won 20 Pga Tours titles including two majors, and now runs his clothing line and has established his own golf course design company as well.  

Greg’s net worth is $300 million positioning him at the 4th spot in the list of richest golfers. 

3. Jack Nicklaus  

Net-Worth: $320 Million

The one golfer, who is most admired in the history of golf is none other than the professional golfer of America, Jack Nicklaus. 

Popularly known as golden beer has a net worth of $320 million, in his splendid golf career he earns 73 Pga tour titles and 18 majors (highest in the world). 

Jack earned his place in the world golf hall of fame in 1974 and has awarded five times a player of the year award by PGA America in his professional career.  

2. Phil Mickelson  

Net-Worth: $400 Million

Phil Mickelson also known as “lefty” is a tough competitor and holds a supreme position in the list of best golfers of all time. 

He is a professional player from America, who has won 44 PGA Tour events including 5 majors clearly justify his aura in the golf.  

The god gifted golfer found a place into the world golf hall of fame in 2012. His worth estimated at $400million takes him to the 2nd spot in the list.   

1. Tiger Woods  

Net-Worth: $800 Million

This spot claim by the one and only gem of the modern-day game of golf, Tiger Woods. He is simply the one man in golf who doesn’t need an introduction, and today his overall net worth is estimated at $800 million.

The American professional golfer has recently won his 82nd PGA Tour title and once again tells the world why he is considered among the top golfers of all time.

15-time major champion Tiger has loved by all who like golf and is the reason & inspiration for many young players who want to achieve big in sports.

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