TIPS: Guide to ball position and tee height

For every golfer, right after taking the usual stance and posture for a shot, the most crucial thing is to correct golf ball positioning. Because accurately positioning the ball enhances the clubhead’s possibilities of meeting the ball at the exact angle of attack and on the right target path. It also eases eliminate a fade or hook, along with other swing adjustments.

But, if you have executed the appropriate stance and had your body in proper order and still you are getting your shot wrong, then probably you require to get your golf ball position correctly.

Your ball-striking dramatically depends on how you are placing your golf ball along with your stance and posture. Though for different golfers, different kind tricks do work, there are some basic rules of a golf ball placement which can ease your golfing and help you explore the new methods that work for yourself.

Once you are familiar with the basic rules and skills of correct golf ball position, you can ultimately fine-tune your positioning.

The legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus also offers a ball position theory, he advocates a constant ball position, regardless of the club used. 

Nicklaus believes that the ball opposite the left heel is the only spot where the club ever travels parallel to the target line. Any other position towards the back foot determines the ball is hit too early in the downswing.

To train yourself, try these important tips by Steve Duno.

Usually, where you place the ball in your stance depends mostly on the club, you’re using. When you’re hitting with a driver, you normally play the ball off your left heel. Fairway woods require the ball to be moved to the right about 2.5 cm, with long irons a hair behind the hat. With middle irons, you normally have the ball about 5 cm left of mid-stance, while the short irons and wedges are played from the center of your stance.

Knowing where to place the ball

Once you are able to make consistent contact, however, you can begin to experiment a bit. Varying these positions will change the flight of the ball, which is often necessary when you’re faced with unusual circumstances. For example, moving the ball to the right about 5 cm, when you’re using a middle or short iron will require you to come into the impact zone on a slightly steeper angle.

This will produce a lower shot–a necessity when you’re playing into a strong wind. Moving the ball to the left in your address position will tend to produce a higher shot-need when you must get over a tall tree. Teeing the ball up higher when you’re preparing to drive the ball will also tend to produce a higher ball flight while teeing it lower will cause the ball to stay closer to the ground.

Choose the Right Equipment 

The positioning of the ball is very crucial when trying to optimize your golf club’s intended loft. Because each club varies in club length, the ball position must be changed to attain proper contact with the golf ball!

But, if you have the right clubs in your bag, then half of your work is done. The only thing you have to do is remember the basics and enjoy the game. 

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