Claret Jug: The dream of every golfer!

The 145th British open is soon to be played and the winner of this major is awarded a trophy named "The Claret Jug", the prestigious trophy that values more than the  prize money for the players. Claret Jug is presented to each year's winner of the open championship or popularly known as the "The British Open". First awarded to the winner of the British open in 1872 , the Claret Jug replaced the famous "Challenge belt", because Tom Morris won 3 consecutive British open titles and was awarded the last Challenge belt after which future winners received "The Claret Jug". [caption id="attachment_364" align="alignnone" width="729"]A picture of Tom Morris Jr. and Sr. A picture of Tom Morris Jr. and Sr.[/caption] Mackay Cunningham & Company makes the Claret Jug. Tom Kidd was the first Champion to receive the new Claret Jug but the 1872 winner, Tom Morris Junior, was the first name engraved on it. [caption id="attachment_357" align="alignnone" width="707"]Tiger woods kisses the Claret Jug after winning the 135th British Open. Tiger woods kisses the Claret Jug after winning the 135th British Open.[/caption] Claret Jug stands at 20 ¾ inches high that includes the base, 5 ½ inches wide at its widest point, and its base diameter is 7 ¼ inches. Excluding its base, the jug stands lighter than a beer pint. [caption id="attachment_356" align="alignnone" width="526"]the current Claret jug holder Zach Johnson The current Claret jug holder Zach Johnson.[/caption] When the winner receives the Claret Jug they must return it before the start of the next British Open. They are not presented with the original trophy, but a replica. Many of the open champions like drinking out of the jug for victory celebrations, parties, and family get-together. Hear about how the winners of this prestigious trophy feel about winning it. Posted on: 2016 Jul 8 Fri
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