Review: Mizuno T-22 Wedge

Review: Mizuno T-22 Wedge

Mizuno is known for creating exceptional golf clubs, and these T-22 wedges are no different.

These new Wedges from Mizuno offers maximized spin, control, and consistency for more confidence on every shot. That’s all put the highest level of wedge performance in your hands.

So, let’s not waste any time and quickly know about the latest T-22 Wedge.


The strike feels very pure on full-length shots, but you also get a responsive feel from short chips around the green.

When you play with this club, you will witness a soft and satisfying feel that no other wedge can match, as this wedge is a remarkably polished golf club that offers tremendous performance, great spin, a fantastic feel, and unrivalled adjustability.


In terms of performance, all I can say is that these wedges are easy to use and are suitable for nearly all golfers.

The wide sole of this Wedge permits the club to move effortlessly over the chipping surface without snagging for more consistent contact with the golf ball. It’s quite easy to hit and produces low running shots that golfers like me need to hit on the course. I took the same stance that I normally use for putting, and I was surprised at how easy this wedge is.

Mizuno T-22 wedge is one of the most accurate, best balanced, and the best feeling wedge offered by the brand. I was pleasantly surprised how fast the ball checked up on long chips.

The Final Words

Overall, the Mizuno T-22 Wedge is the best club to consider if you want a champion like feel in your game.

Posted on: 2022 Jan 5 Wed
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