Review: Callaway Mavrik Driver

There are some clubs that make everybody raise their eyebrows and increase heartbeats through their announcement only, and the latest offering from Callaway is one of them.

In the midst of all this excitement, I got a chance to try out the latest Callaway Mavrik driver at our Golfoy Multibrand and Demo Day in Chandigarh, for which I am going to share my experience with all you readers. Yes, it is a very good driver, and No it’s not overrated; or it would be better to say that the driver is one step ahead of Callaway's last successful driver the Epic Flash.

The much-anticipated driver comes with the proven technology of Jailbreak, which we first saw in the Callaway GBB Epic driver remains in the Mavrik to promote faster ball speed. I guess it’s the best option for golfers who want more forgiveness than their current driver because this driver helps you generate more speed while giving you unprecedented forgiveness which is at Par with the TaylorMade Twist face technology.

Feel & Sound 

The feel I witnessed while playing with the Mavrik is sensational, something I've never felt before in a Callaway Driver. I am genuinely impressed, and all credits go to the Callaway team who designed this super club which looks good behind the ball.

Talking about its sound, it’s a little compact & damp which is something we all seek in a driver these days, and this quality made me feel more comfortable with the driver.


I just couldn't wait to check the performance of this driver, so I set it up to our SkyTrak to see some numbers. The stimulator recorded that I had 98 mph clubhead speed with Mavrik, which I believe is a pretty good number for me. And for that reason, I can say without a second thought that this one is certainly one of the easiest to hit drivers available at the moment.

I really had a great experience hitting this driver and the Mavrik has really lived up to my expectations.

Well, the Mavrik went a bit farther club than the Rogue model but distance was similar Epic Flash, and the whole idea behind the Mavrik is to provide more forgiveness and more spin than the Epic Flash.

So it would be right to say that Callaway once again made a top driver to give you the next-level performance.

Our Final Verdict

The Mavrik is a very consistent performer with impressive forgiveness across the face and an astounding sound and feel. It is very good for high and mid-handicappers, any player should be able to pick it up and start hitting it with no difficulty at all.

At last, all I can say is that the Callaway Mavrik Driver has given Callaway the much-deserved edge to compete with other equipment manufacturers. We are already seeing an overwhelming response from our customers and Mavrik Drivers have already gone out of stock once. Get your hands on this driver before it sells out again.

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Posted on: 2020 Mar 26 Thu
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Author: Tushar Narang

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