Zero Friction: History & Glove Benefits

Zero Friction: History & Glove Benefits

Zero Friction is a brand that starts off its campaign with a vision to provide performance products to golfers, has truly achieved the milestone with its sheer dedication and long-lasting items.

They make and distribute high quality, technologically advanced products for golfers worldwide, and now Zero Friction Golf is a household name in the entire world of golf.

Apart from various other golf products, the prominent product of the Zero Friction is the wide selection of compression-fit golf gloves. But, before we can discover the benefits of the gloves, let’s take a quick look at how the company meets the sky.

History → 

Zero Friction joined the world of golf in 2001, then it was called Excel Golf Products, Inc., with an aim to sell high-quality golf products. In 2005, the company introduced a performance Tee, and since its debut, their tee has been and remains the #1 performance Tee on the PGA Tour. The company has continued to push beyond the boundaries in the golf market by introducing technologically innovative products with the aim to provide performance in every aspect.

Today, Zero Friction is a big name in the golf industry with performance-driven golf products. Some of them are performance and traditional golf tees, the Distance 312 and Tour Spin 312 golf balls, and high-quality golf gloves for all. In the year 2016, they released its groundbreaking distance GPS golf glove featuring the revolutionary idea of wearable GPS technology.

Glove Benefits →

Zero Friction is widely known for its one-size compression fit gloves and the DistancePro™ GPS Glove, all because of their durability and long-lasting performance.

The Zero Friction Gloves hold the ability to last at least one entire season, and the best thing you can feel in these gloves is that when you accidentally spill water on the glove or touch a wet substance, the glove does not become soggy and slippery. You only need to wipe the water off, and the glove is still dry. 

The specialty of the Zero Friction Gloves is that you will experience no pinching at the joints or between fingers. These are breathable with solid grips that help to mitigate sweating on hot days as well. Also, if you guys feel hand rashes caused by the lanolin in leather gloves, these are an excellent alternative. 

Talking about the distance pro golf gloves, they are comfortable and very breathable thanks to the spandex fabric sections, whereas the leather felt soft and lightweight. The GPS also looks good and adds charisma to your day. 

The Final Words → 

The gloves are designed to suit everyone from small to double extra-large and are a combination of comfort and style that everyone needs.

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