WellPutt Mats: The best indoor putting mats of 2021?

WellPutt Mats: The best indoor putting mats of 2021?

Today, when everybody is forced to remain indoors to avoid risky Covid, the million-dollar question is how to play and improve the most important golf skill while at home.

But don't worry; in this complex Covid era, WellPutt Mats will undoubtedly prove to be your best friend for indoor golfing. Because having a putting mat that has useful features not only encourages you to come back, again and again, to put in some much-needed practice but also ensures that you are focusing on the right things that are critical in professional golf.

Silent Features:-

→ it’s an exceptionally well-constructed putting mat

→ it’s a revolutionary concept to practice and improve your putting skills indoors

→ It comes with an app with over 50 games that keep you fully engaged in your practice, make you forget you are practicing, and advance your putting skills at break-neck speed.

→ Used by the world’s top professional players, the Wellputt Mats are the most scientifically accurate in reproducing a real-life green.

What's the use of Well Putt App?

The Wellputt app has over 50 training exercises and instructions, and the games on the app are fun and challenging to help you develop your skills.

You will not be required to write down the results because the program will do it for you. You won't have to worry about setup, takeaway, or stroke when you play this well-designed game; this feature will help you to concentrate on your pace and alignment.

What’s in the box?

Your Wellputt mat will come rolled up (all 13ft or whatever length you choose) in a simple rectangular box.

There is no instruction manual included in the box. To access games and instructions, you will have to download the Wellputt app.

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