Top reasons why we call the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver a value for money

Top reasons why we call the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver a value for money

Value for Money Driver 

Improve your swing while with the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver. 

The new Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver is designed for desirous golfers for attaining higher, longer, and straighter drives. Cleveland set out to make a lightweight driver with an extremely hot face that flat out goes fast. 

It’s the longest driver that Cleveland Golf has ever launched and the most accurate, too. 

The new Launcher HB Turbo Driver comes with a Turbocharged Cup Face, Deep Weighting sole pad, Ultralight Hosel, redesigned HiBore Crown, and a counterbalanced shaft. It all sums up to faster drives for more distance off all tee. 

Key Points:

• Redesigned HiBore Crown combined with an ultralight hosel features low, deep weighting to produce high launch and maximum distance.

• Deep weighting allows stability on off-center impacts by providing increased MOI and unbelievable forgiveness.

• Counter-balanced shaft supports for a heavier club head by shifting weight to the grip end for enhanced momentum and quick ball speed.

According to Brian Schielke, Marketing Director for Cleveland Golf, “The new Launcher HB Turbo Woods represents a huge step up from the previous generation. They’re sleeker, faster, and more forgiving–exactly what all of us avid golfers are looking for off the tee.”

Performance - 

The distances you’ll get from the Launcher HB Turbo is all you want from a driver, as I almost hit 14 more yards compared to my previous driver.

The accuracy of the Launcher HB Turbo is achieved through the club’s redesigned HiBore Crown that lowers the CG (centre of gravity) by more than 2mm, and also the driver’s Ultralight Hosel that redistributes weight low and deep in the head. 

This driver is very impactful in terms of distance and control.

As far as sound is concerned, then this driver is loud. The sound at impact is sharp, all thanks to the thin face.

Features -

HiBore Crown

Ultralight Hosel

Deep Weighting

Turbocharged Cup Face

Counter-balanced shaft design

Verdict - 

The new Launcher HB Turbo Driver is a winner from Cleveland Golf. The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo is a great option for players who are looking for something different off the tee.

Smooth design, trendy looks, with the performance to match, make this driver the first choice for anyone looking to get the ball higher in the air and gaining some extra distance. Also, it won’t affect your bank balance as much as this driver is cheaper than many other brand new premium drivers out there right now.

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