Titleist TS Hybrids: The best golf hybrids

Titleist TS Hybrids: The best golf hybrids

Titleist once again maintained their stature of producing exceptional clubs. Like their driver and fairway counterparts, the Ts hybrids bring more speed to golfers through two distinct designs. 

The new TS2 is a scoring club built for distance with maximum forgiveness across the face, while TS3 offers outstanding distance with shot-shape customization through the adjustable Magnetic SureFit CG. 

The TS2 is something that one expects from the middle of the market hybrid. 

The remarkably forgiving TS2 hybrids maximize performance for players who have a sweeping delivery to the ball – giving high launch and easy distance and fulfill the desires of the players who prefer the look of a larger head.

A thinner, faster face of the club allows for increased ball speeds and enhanced forgiveness for improved distance. And while playing with this hybrid you will feel exceptional in all aspects and manages to gain more yards.

TS3 comes in the list of one the most demanding hybrids in the markets, all thanks to its iron-like control.

The fast-launching TS3 hybrid model was made to provide excellent distance and control for players who hit down on the ball, the club offering mid-launch, precise distance, and enhanced MOI for more consistency. 

The more you play with this the more you love this hybrid, as it gives you a high ball flight, and it is easier to shape the ball with this club. 

The players who want high launch and easy distance with forgiveness and play hybrids more like fairway woods can consider the TS2. 

And if you are a player who prefers to play their hybrids more like irons and requires mid-launch with precise distance, then the TS3 model suits you better. 

Now you’ve two remarkable new hybrid options, the TS2 is more forgiving in the conventional sense, whereas the TS3 is more workable, and which club you buy amongst the two models depends on how you play your hybrids. Good luck!