The Key to Hitting More Fairways and Greens in Regulation in 2023

The Key to Hitting More Fairways and Greens in Regulation in 2023

While it is true that there are no shortcuts in life, there sure is one quick fix in golf to ensure that your ball goes to the desired target. And that secret ingredient lies entirely in your hands!

Yes, we are talking about your grip.

This understated factor may sound like just another trivial aspect of your golf swing but make no mistake, it has a huge influence on the direction of the shot and eventually your entire game. The way the club is held can be easily overlooked but it determines the fate of your shot. Whether you will hit a straight shot, a slice or a hook depends on your grip to a large extent.

We at Golfoy have found the perfect solution to correct your grip aka the SKLZ grip trainer. This training aid is designed to build proper grip mechanics by instilling muscle memory for accurate hand positioning. It is detachable and easy to use and works with almost every club in the bag. The reason why the SKLZ grip trainer is so effective is that it promotes a neutral grip which is imperative to hitting a straight golf shot.

Talking about neutral grip, let’s understand the three main types of grips in golf namely:  neutral, strong and weak. These terms simply describe the manner in which our hands are positioned on the club.

Two of the most widely used checkpoints for the grip are:

  1. The knuckles of the hands
  2. The ‘V’ formed between the thumb and index finger of both hands

A beginner golfer holding SKLZ Grip Trainer

Neutral Grip:

Explaining neutral grip where the 'V' points towards the trail shoulder and two knuckles of the lead hand is visible

A neutral grip helps in hitting a straight shot without any compensations or adjustments. When two knuckles of the lead hand are visible at address along with one knuckle of the trail hand it is termed as a neutral grip. As for both the ‘V’s formed by the thumb and index finger, they should be pointing between the chin and trail shoulder (right shoulder for a right handed player). The image below depicts the perfect neutral grip using the SKLZ trainer.

Strong Grip:

When more than two knuckles are visible of the lead hand or the ‘V’ points outside the trail shoulder (Even further right of the right shoulder for a right handed golfer ) , it is deemed as a strong grip which generally closes the clubface at impact and makes the ball hook.

Explaining strong grip where both the 'V's point outside the trail shoulder and more than two knuckles visible on the left hand

Weak Grip:

Explaining weak grip where the 'V' point towards the lead shoulder and only one knuckle is visible on the lead hand

Conversely, a weak grip is one where less than two knuckles of the lead hand are seen or the ‘V’ points between the chin and  lead shoulder ( i.e. left shoulder for a right handed player). In such a case, the ball will usually slice as the weak grip tends to open the clubface at impact.

If you are struggling to understand the right way to position both the hands for a neutral grip, the SKLZ grip trainer will eliminate all doubts and make it easy for you to learn and correct the grip. The molds present on the trainer ensure that the two knuckles of the lead hand are placed correctly followed by one knuckle of the trail hand. It makes for a perfect companion for your next range session or pre round warm up routine.

So are you ready to hit the ball straighter and possibly lower your handicap?