TaylorMade Stealth vs Stealth Plus: What's the difference?

TaylorMade Stealth vs Stealth Plus: What's the difference?

TaylorMade is known for its advanced and durable golf clubs, so when they introduce a new line of clubs, it creates a lot of excitement in the marketplace.

For the year 2022, TaylorMade has launched a strong lineup of clubs, the stealth family. With its new Stealth drivers, which are already generating a lot of buzz on social media, TaylorMade is all set to give all golfers a unique and delightful experience.

These new TaylorMade drivers have a unique face architecture that has never been used in golf before, resulting in the longest, straightest, best-looking, and best-sounding TaylorMade drivers in history.

When comparing these drivers, something that really stood out is how versatile the new models are. Both the clubs are designed with highly advanced technologies to meet the demands of the players who seek exceptional feel and unmatched forgiveness in their drivers.


The TaylorMade Stealth drivers mark a new era in driver technology by moving away from titanium and using a carbon fibre clubface.

The new 60X Carbon Twist Face is 44% lighter than the similar titanium face from TaylorMade. Sixty layers of carbon fibre have been strategically placed in the drivers to enhance energy transfer to deliver quicker ball speeds over a greater area for maximum distance and forgiveness.

As compared to the brand's previous models, the Stealth faces are 20% bigger than the TaylorMade SIM driver and 10% bigger than the TaylorMade SIM2 driver.


TaylorMade Stealth vs Stealth Plus: What's the difference?

The standard Stealth model is not only attractive but a powerful weapon that holds the ability to transform your game. I had a great experience hitting this driver, and the standard stealth has really lived up to my expectations.

This model is designed for high-MOI performance and is the best fit for players looking to optimize distance and forgiveness. It also offers a fair amount of draw bias for the golfer who prefers to have a little bit of that built-in without going into a draw-specific model.

It comes in 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees loft for right-handed golfers while 10.5 and 12 degrees for left-handed golfers.

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Stealth Plus

TaylorMade Stealth vs Stealth Plus: What's the difference?

The Stealth Plus is low spin and produces significant distances off the tee and even better ball speeds. The feel I witnessed while playing with the Stealth Plus is sensational, something I've never felt before in a TaylorMade Driver.

The TaylorMade Stealth PLUS driver is for golfers who want maximum distance and forgiveness while also having more control over shot shape and trajectory. A sliding weight track allows players to fine-tune their driver performance, a feature usually preferred by more experienced players who seek workability off the tee.

The Stealth Plus is the same driver that Tiger Woods used at the PNC Championship last month.

Right-handed players can choose between lofts of 8, 9, and 10.5 degrees, while left-handed players can choose from lofts of 9 and 10.5 degrees.

What's the difference?

TaylorMade Stealth vs Stealth Plus: What's the difference?

Stealth provides the added benefit of enhanced forgiveness than the Stealth Plus+ with extra weight positioned low and back.

Compared to Stealth Plus+, the standard model offers a 15% greater MOI.

Specs Stealth Stealth Plus+
Head Size 460cc 460cc
Flight Bias Neutral Neutral
Loft 9°/10.5°/12 ° 8 ° / 9°/10.5°
Spin Mid-Low Low
Launch Mid-High Mid

Carbon wood drivers?

TaylorMade Stealth vs Stealth Plus: What's the difference?

Many folks raised a question that when we use these carbon wood drivers in diverse weather circumstances, a carbon face can cause problems.

To clear this air, all I can say the company has employed nano-texture to overcome these discrepancies.

The Nano-texture in the clubface means that the TaylorMade Stealth drivers can perform in all conditions. The lighter face also helps to produce higher ball speeds.

The Final Words

The duo Stealth and Stealth Plus feature a crisp, solid feel at impact with a tad louder feedback sound than you would expect.

Overall, a win-win situation since both drivers offer a combination of low spin and astonishing forgiveness, making them suitable for a wide variety of golfers, regardless of handicap.


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