S7K Putter Review: The Best Putter of 2019-20?

S7K Putter Review: The Best Putter of 2019-20?

The S7K putter is an incredible putter not only in terms of construction but also in its performance. My first experiment was that if the putter truly stands on its Tagline “The Stand Alone Putter” and to my surprise, it stood independently as if something was holding it to the ground.

The S7K putter really helped me to sink longer putts or at-least come so much closer to sinking them. Unlike most putters which claim to stand and they do stand but only on plain ground, but the S7K putter stands flawlessly on slopes as well. 

The club, with its attention to detail, is quite successful in improving your putts. Furthermore, the weight and foam grip really provides a great feel to your hands when you are putting. While it comes at a price and with some minor cons, it completely is worth it at the Price point of 14k. Overall, it is an easy putter to hit the ball flawlessly. I can’t wait to take it back to the course again. 

Look & Feel

This club looks amazing. I took it to the course instead of my regular putter and sunk a few 10 to 15 footers, and one 30 footers just lipped out. So my first impression was that the putter feels good and I can make more confident strokes. Now if your issue with putting is a lineup, funnily enough, its stand-alone feature is the solution for club golfers. Other issues like pulling or pushing still would be a dilemma, but not so much because of its wide face and high MOI shape.

Apparently, the S7K putter has quite an enduring build. It has a head that is made of stainless steel and a shaft that is made of graphite. As said by many, the head is a bit heavy. But while putting it helps you to gain more control and smooth strokes. However, we were told the unit tends to get rusted when kept in a wet condition for a prolonged time. 


I really like the balance of the putter and also the look. It does what they say it does relative to standing up without help. The secret: S7K has a Deep, Fly-Cut Mill Pattern that gives buttery soft on impact; the putter delivers excellent feel and feedback from all over the green.

The putter is exceptionally forgiving on miss-hits as the putter’s MOI ranks among the highest on the market. A heavy head and light shaft have a well-combined feel while hitting the ball. The grip is decent and very unique too, and you have the option to re-grip the putter as well. 

The S7K’s ultra-light grip and shaft transfer tons of feedback to your hands, improving your speed and distance control; You will savor a buttery feel and sweet sound at impact, plus the best sound of all, the sound of the ball falling in the cup.

Our Final Verdict 

With the S7K Standalone putter, no green will ever be a trouble for you. You can just check the line, keep the putter on that line and walk behind the putter to check if the line is correct. Being able to do this is not so common in golf and that makes it a must-have putter for me.

It’s not just a marketing gimmick; the putter literally helps putt every-time accurately. 

So, most of what I have to say about this putter is good things. It’s my personal pick as well, and I’d encourage you too, to seriously consider it as the next putter for you.

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