REVIEW: Titleist TS1 Driver

REVIEW: Titleist TS1 Driver

The very popular golf equipment brand Titleist which is known for its best quality clubs, launched the new driver, Ts1, which looks like a complete winner in all aspects.

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The Titleist TS1 offers the technologies formed through
the Titleist Speed Project in a light 275-gram design. 

The new entrant in the TS driver family—TS1 driver features an ultra-lightweight construction weighing to help achieve a golfer’s velocity through the ball. Also, it makes the moderate speed golfers happy, as they can now experience the explosive ball speed and distance gains that have made previous Titleist Ts models the most played drivers on the PGA Tour.

As said by the Titleist Golf Club R&D Director “Stephanie Luttrel", that “By bringing our TS technology into this lightweight configuration and adding a slight draw bias, we’ve been able to produce dramatic benefits for this group of players".

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Performance –

The TS1 driver's face is the fastest face the popular
company has ever made, which increases ball speed and forgiveness. Also, the
driver comes with an aerodynamic design that lessens drag and allows the
golfers to swing even quicker for increased clubhead speed and added distance. 

TS1’s deep CG location has been optimized to generate the
launch and spin needed by moderate speed golfers to carry the ball further
while maximizing off-center ball speed through high MOI properties. 


The thinnest titanium crown allows weight to be shifted lower and deeper

Refined TS driver shapes help improve clubhead speed for added distance

Variable thickness face produces faster ball speeds and enhanced forgiveness

Refined crown and face thicknesses create lowest CG for higher launch and lower spin


Titleist TS1 is an absolute game-changer. With this driver, you can swing as smooth and easy as you want and the ball just takes off also the distance just feels effortless. TS1 is a driver for all, as it fulfills the requirement of golfers from the technology to the tour-inspired look, sound, and feel makes this driver a complete package.

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