Review: TaylorMade Stealth Irons

Review: TaylorMade Stealth Irons

After the massive success of SIM Irons, which are still the no.1 choice of every avid golfer, TaylorMade has launched their new line of Irons, named Stealth Irons.

Now it'll be intriguing to see if these stealth irons can match the brand's prior models' success. In the meantime, let's discuss how the stealth irons performed on the course.


The golfers who want more distance and forgiveness in their game can consider TaylorMade Stealth irons without even a second thought because TaylorMade delivers what it promises and assures that these irons will never let you down in any situation.  

Every time I play with the Stealth irons, they left me stunned as these irons are too good to play with; I was able to hit more yards than my current irons, which really set these irons aside from the rest of the new clubs, and ends your search too, of a club that is value for money in all aspects. 

The irons feel like magic in your hands, and as far as performance is concerned, then with these irons, you are going to secure consistent yardage, as long as you're swinging it well.

The Stealth irons are specially constructed to give you exceptional distance. It enables golfers to hit the ball longer and with greater precision than ever before.

The Final Words

TaylorMade never lets you down when it comes to iron performance.

These Stealth irons performed well for me, even on hitting near the heel and toe of the club. All these factors combined make this new club from TaylorMade the most talked-about irons of 2022, and it surely deserves a place in your cart of golf equipment.