Square Strike Wedge Review: The Best Wedge of 2019?

Square Strike Wedge Review: The Best Wedge of 2019?

Square Strike wedge, the most talked about wedge of 2019 is making revelations in the golfing world. My first impression of the wedge is that it has a heavy head, which makes me feel confident while addressing the ball with it. However, it is not suitable for bunkers, but works extremely well in those tight chips and roughs around the green.

Every golfer is apt to struggle with chips and pitches from around the green, but with this wedge, you can play your game boldly, and consistently. Square Strike Wedge has all the abilities to become your short game best-friend! The Club with its rounded front edge and flatter heel, an ideal loft, and a forgiving clubface will help you hit better chips and pitches more steadily while avoiding the awkward shanks and duffs.

Square Strike

For me, the square strike wedge has made chipping and pitching a lot easier than before, and it all begins with an Anti-Chunk Sole. If we compare this to some more traditional wedges, which have thin soles that are more likely to get stuck in the ground on fat shots but the wider Square Strike Wedge’s sole limits the ability of the club to dig into the turf. This resulted in better contact and greatly reduced my chances of hitting the chip shots fat. 

More than just using the striking modern advancements, the increase in margin-for-error in the Square Strike Wedge makes this club one of the most forgiving wedges I have used.

Is the Square Strike Wedge right for you?

Well, I
guess it is. This wedge has the potential to become an instant favourite club
in your bag. 

Below are the features I genuinely fancied the most in this wedge.

45-Degree Loft

This one comes with 45 Degrees loft, which is 3-4 Degrees more than a nine-iron and ideal for low chip shots. Where the other chipping irons are more upright with their loft and more in line with a 7-iron, the Square Strike Wedge makes it easier to rise, doing it useful in more rough areas and in places where the golfer needs slight height on their shot to get the ball to the target.

35-inch Shaft Length

Another unique quality comes in the form of the 35 inches long shaft, which is the regular length for a putter. I genuinely feel that this feature is intentional; they made this to feel similar to a putter so that the golfer needed just one stroke for their entire short game from around the green. 

Look & Feel 

The Square Strike Wedge has that feel of a putter. Instead of having a lie of 62 degrees like most irons, the wedge is more upright, standing at 68 degrees. The small change gives the club the look and sound of a putter, even though the club has the form and shape of a wedge. The blade-like face of the wedge gives a plenty of coverage for making solid contact with the golf ball. Such a consistent touch is obtained by the weighted head of this wedge.


Having said that it’s like a putter, one only has to make steady strokes through the golf ball for reliable results that lift the ball out of trouble and onto the green. By extending the clubface and giving the club a low profile, the company has extended the center of the wedge, providing a larger sweet spot for quality contact.


The performance of Square Strike wedge is very consistent; high MOI & expertly crafted center of gravity (COG) gives this wedge a lot of momentum making it difficult to hit bad shots. This means that a slower swing can also get the job done thanks to the weight improvements.

The wide sole of this Wedge permits the club to move effortlessly over the chipping surface without snagging for more consistent contact with the golf ball. It’s quite easy to hit and produces low running shots that golfers like me need to hit on the course. I took the same stance that in normally use for putting and I was surprised on how easy this wedge is.

Our Final Verdict

The club provides all players especially high handicappers the opportunity to play a better short game through unmatched uniqueness and advancement. Square Strike Wedge is like a two-in-one kind of golf club that feels like a wedge but works like a putter and can cut off the final shot stress from your mind.

This Wedge is mild to use for golfers of any skill level, and by not making the club face open from a technical standpoint, the company made a product that cures the pain of an average golfer i.e. Short Game!