Review: Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

Review: Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

After impressing us with the highly advanced ST-X and ST-Z drivers, Mizuno is back again with yet another solid driver to give your game a champion like feel.

The new STG 220 driver comes with a slew of innovative features that every golfer wants these days.

So, let’s dive into this and know more about the latest arrival.



The STG driver has a stunning design that strikes the perfect blend between modern, cutting-edge aesthetics and traditional form.

When it comes to the feel of this driver, I have to say that it's fantastic and very fulfilling when you are on the tee estimating how many yards to shoot, and when you finally hit it with this driver, you will notice that your ball not only finds more yardage but your mind also witness a pleasing feel.



The latest offering from Mizuno is one of the lowest spinning drivers I have ever hit.

Like the January 2021 launched ST-X and ST-Z, the new ST-G driver also comes with SAT2041 Beta Ti– Super/Alloy/Titanium/20% Vanadium/4% Aluminum/1%tin to deliver both powerful ball speeds and a dense, satisfying sensation at impact.

The ST-G driver has a 460cc body that is shorter from front to back yet has a deeper face than many drivers these days. The shape itself will appeal to many.

When it comes to the internal work, all I can say is that the engineers have done an outstanding job in helping to construct an excellently balanced framework with a higher MOI and overall forgiving than previous models.


The Final Words

Mizuno is known for its irons, but the kind of work they did first in the ST-X and ST-Z drivers and now in this latest STG driver is indeed exceptional.

On top of that, the ST-G is slightly better than the majestic ST-Z driver and is suitable for nearly all skill levels.