Review: Lock Laces from USA - A better golfing experience at a very less price!

Lock Laces is a very popular product designed in the USA. Recently, when they came @Golfoy, I was very gung ho to give them a shot.

They came in easy to open pouches with a very motivating tagline on the pack – “Win.Never Tie” . Each pouch contains a pair of laces, locks and two pairs of cord ends (one pair extra in case you lose one). The quality is surprisingly very good for shoe laces. The nylon material seems durable and the plastic parts fit really well. Fitting the laces was a breeze and I was then ready to hit a round with my buddies at my home course, The Panchkula Golf Club.

Even while walking, the laces seemed to provide greater comfort levels than ordinary ones. The pressure distribution of laces was very even due to the elasticity and they seemed to hold on very well. Since the laces really complemented my black shoes, no one really noticed my new ammunition (I hope IGU doesn’t have issue with them on course).

Soon, we were teeing off and I could finally test them on the front. As I swung my arms and body in unison, my lightweight Mizuno Nexlite’s suddenly had a better grip with less pressure on the foot. I am sure I hit a few more yards than what I do usually. All in all, after 18 holes, more than 70 shots and few kilometers of walking, I still seemed to like the laces. Not even once I had to bend to Tie my laces again, which I usually do very often since I was wearing "No Tie Shoe Laces".

I appreciate the novel and innovative concept and would recommend it surely to all my golfer buddies. A few bucks spent on these laces will surely guarantee a much better golfing experience for you.

These are available in a variety of color options sure to match any shoe you might have.