Regulations and Guidelines for the 2020-21 PGTI season

Regulations and Guidelines for the 2020-21 PGTI season

After a stern period of 7 months, the PGTI has finally delivered some good news to golf fans across the globe. The game of golf in India is all set to resume from November 4, 2020.

But, as you know, every relaxation comes with certain constraints. The PGTI formulates strict regulations and guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy environment during tournaments, which are very necessary because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some regulations and guidelines formulated by the PGTI for the smooth functioning of events during the pandemic:

→ Players MUST get their COVID-19 Test done 72 hours prior to their arrival at the tournament venue for their Practice Round. Only those with a Negative Test Report will be allowed and Players must bring with them the Test Report in person without which the Player cannot enter the Tournament/Venue.

→ Installing the Aarogya-Setu App is being recommended for players and they are also expected to regularly update their health status on it.

→ Social Distancing (minimum of 6-foot distance from others) must be practiced at all times when at the tournament venue.

→ Masks mandatory in all areas except while playing on course and dining. This in accordance with the host club, state and MHA guidelines.

→ Gatherings are strictly prohibited – players will be asked to leave the tournament venue as soon as their round has been completed. No practice will be allowed after the Round.

→ If a player is showing any signs of illness he will be asked to stay home and must follow the health protocols as recommended by the health authorities.

→ No Player other than those as mentioned in the Tournament Entry List/Draw (Practice Round, Rounds 1 & 2) & also only those making the CUT (Rounds 3 & 4) will be allowed entry at the Tournament Venue.

→ Players can opt to carry/push their own bags. Players doing so must abide by the Rules & Regulations of the Host Club.

→ Starter(s) will wear Mask, Face Shield and Gloves.

→ Only a scorecard and hole location/local rules sheet will be distributed on the tee. They will be stapled together and given from the starter to the marker. There will be no exchange of paper between participants.

→ Food and Beverage offerings will be decided by each host facility.