Meet the 83-year-old young golfer

Meet the 83-year-old young golfer

Passion can lead you to success in life whether you are 13 or 83 years old, if you have the right spirit, nothing is impossible, just like our veteran actress Vyjayanthimala.

Known to be as the first female superstar of Indian cinema, Vyjayanthimala has always been very passionate about her work, her needs, her choices, and of course, golf.

As you can see yourself in this ↓ image, playing golf at the age of 83.

The legendary Indian actress has been actively playing the game of golf for a long time, her husband introduces her to the golf world, and since then she very much enjoys playing golf.

As we all know Golf is a brilliant game and can be your best friend for life. You can have fun while steadily improving your fitness. It’s one of the best exercises to keep your mind sharp and consistent, also playing golf can help enrich the lives of seniors. As we can see from our beloved actress Vyjayanthimala, playing golf is her hobby, a major reason for her endless charm even at the age of 83 which truly defines her passion for fitness.

Citizen like Vyjayanthimala sets a new example for all the youth out there who think life may be tougher when they get older. But seriously, if you have a passion like Vyjayanthimala, and a best friend like golf, then you are not alone, even you can rule the world if you want.