Making Golf Swanky - Under Armour

Making Golf Swanky - Under Armour

Under Armour’s growth in the past few years is just incredible. A sportswear company generating almost $4 billion in annual revenue while only being 20 years old is more than impressive.

Of course, then you consider it’s the choice footwear and attire of 2015 Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady, 2015 NBA MVP and NBA champion Stephen Curry, as well as a certain 2-time Major winner and face of American golf to name a few.



Two decades ago, a former football player named Kevin Plank reinvented performance sports clothing, and nothing has been the same ever since.

Today, it’s virtually impossible to step onto a course anywhere in the world without seeing a piece of Under Armour gear. From heat-trapping ColdGear Infrared, to sweat-wicking HeatGear, to weather-resistant UA Storm technology, the Under Armour Golf Collection is engineered with innovations that help you stay dry, light, comfortable, and 100% focused in any conditions. Under Armour has become so popular that it’s on the heels of Nike to become the #1 apparel and footwear brand in all sports.


Their appeal in golf is due to a few reasons:

  • Broader brand recognition of Under Armour from other sports.
  • A presence on current #2, former #1 player in the world, Jordan Spieth.  He is young, likable, a great talent and a 2-time Major winner, and an American.
  • The line itself delivers clean styling in a fit that is good for the masses. In addition, Under Armour has done a great job in providing technology in apparel in a way that no one else has at affordable price points. Some examples are the gym-short-style waistband in their pants and shorts, which provide a comfortable fit, the ArmourVent polo, which allows for better body cooling when playing in warm weather, and ColdGear Infrared base layer apparel for staying warm on cooler golfing days in early spring and late fall.

The growth of Under Armour may be unprecedented, but the next step may still be bigger.

Below is the impressive collection of Under Armour golf belts launched at Golfoy