Life Under Par-Uncommon Golf Tales: Episode 2 - Neha Tripathi

Life Under Par-Uncommon Golf Tales: Episode 2 - Neha Tripathi

In the second episode of our docuseries, the 16-time WPGT champion takes you behind the curtains of her journey as a golfer.

Like many of us in India, Neha comes from a culture where everyone feels that studying and then working in a corporate atmosphere is the ideal way to live your life, but women like Neha are born to reign, and she has proved by making a big name for herself in Indian golf circuit and setting an example for younger girls to follow.

As a child, Tripathi excelled in sports such as badminton and tennis. Her favourite sport, though, was golf, which she pursued professionally. Over the course of her career, Tripathi established numerous accomplishments. Earning five titles in a season (2013) and winning the Order of Merit in the same year were two of her most notable achievements.

We at Golfoy are firm believers that sports have the power to change lives. The ability to drive gender equality by teaching teamwork, self-reliance, resilience and confidence. Sports defy all kinds of gender stereotypes while making inspiring role models that show men and women as equals just like Neha Tripathi.

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