Interview: Arjun Bhati - The Rising Golf Star of India

Interview: Arjun Bhati - The Rising Golf Star of India

The Teenage golf sensation Arjun Bhati who has a dream to win an Olympic gold medal for India talks about the importance of golf in his life, his daily routine, the tips he wanted to share with young golfers, and much more.

Fifteen-year-old Arjun Bhati represented India at the
International level many times and makes us proud with his superb game

The young golfer from Noida has won many championship
tournaments so far like the US Kids Golf Championship in 2016 and 2018. But,
his biggest achievement till now is when he clinched the first position against
Taiwan’s Jeremy Chen during the three-day final match in the FCG Callaway
Junior World Golf Championship at Palm Desert Palm, CA.

“Golf is the most important aspect of my life. Golf has
taught me discipline, etiquette, good behaviour and the importance of health.” –
Arjun Bhati

The teenage golfer said that his family is the backbone
of all his achievements. “It is all because of my parents that I am who I am
today, the player that I am today. My parents have been supportive to me all
the way through and have advised me to do what is right at every step of my

Arjun’s father played a huge role in his success. His father stays with him 24*7 and also travels with him to all the places where the tournaments are held. 

Talking about how he balances his training and education he said: “I set a
target as to what I have to achieve academically and only then do I go to play.”
Arjun believes that education has played a very important part in shaping him
who he is today. 


Fitness is a vital part of every sportsman’s life and the fifteen years old Arjun also feels the same, he believes that fitness is the most crucial thing that helps you in the game. Unless and until you have strength in your body. He further added, “I don’t see how long a golfer can withstand the game. It requires stamina, strength, and focus, and they can all be bright about only by indulging in fitness activities.

Role Model

Like every aspiring golfer, Arjun too is a big fan of Tiger Woods. He finds a role model in Woods not only because he is one of the greatest players ever born but because of his ability to come back and return with so much will and determination after all what he went through.


Practice -----------------------------------------Study-------------------------------------------Sleep

Talking about his most recent win and the reactions he
received when he won his first Junior World Golf Championship?

“My most recent win was the FCG Callaway Junior world
championship, it was the most special win since it was the best ever score that
I had achieved. I shot 17 under in three days. Also, I believe the reason I
scored so well because my dad was caddying me and he was always there to advise
me throughout. 

About the reactions, he said, “Since it was my first win, undoubtedly my family was the happiest and the proudest because I was a really small kid back then. Also, those around me were amazed by the kind of performance that I delivered.”

The thing which motivates Arjun the most is to win a gold medal for India in the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France.

Arjun is just fifteen years old, but he achieved so much in golf which is quite a big thing. And this is just a beginning of a future golf champion of India.